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Posts published by “Kristy Jang”

Spring Rush in full swing, encourages students to rush

“When you rush a club, you are looking for people with the same ideals as you,” Slagell said. “I think that plays into the idea of fellowship a little bit. You are looking for, in my case, a group of girls who are Christian and willing to talk about their faith and share experiences. I think it is important for Christians to be a part of groups like that.”

Alpha Chi hosts President’s Forum featuring the Former Speaker of the House

“T.W. has clearly shown a kind of demonstrated excellence in the fields of political science, economics and business, as well as general communication and leadership,” Milner said. “What he is talking about is how he succeeded in each one of those fields, rather than the specific policy that would interest someone like me—it is more of the skillset by which you go into your field and you succeed there, just in terms of interpersonal communication and leadership skills.”

TCKs provides companionship for students raised in culturally unique circumstances

“Sometimes, we expect these students to know American culture and often they do not,” Hartman said. “Their parents are often American, but the students grew up in countries other than America and are not completely familiar with many things about American culture—although they look and sound American. We expect them to know things they do not, so this group helps with that challenge.”

Spring visit gives prospective students “thorough look at a day in the life of an Eagle”

“It has been challenging to determine which college I should be going to after I graduate in the future,” Hagood said. “Since I have family at OC, I thought attending Spring Visit would be a good experience. I am excited to look around the campus again, seeing what all OC has to offer and to meet some other people my age who might someday be my classmates.”