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Posts published by “Kristy Jang”

The Hills Church hosts annual Men’s Conference

“It really shows that we’re there for each other, because a lot of times, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone, that things in the world are only happening to you,” Engle said. “Life’s not perfect, but God’s love perseveres through all, and to come and meet men who have been through things and share your story. Listening to speakers talk about their lives has always impacted me, and I think it impacts a lot of people.”

OCMA works to raise concern during Human Trafficking Awareness Month

“This is a Christian college campus, and ultimately, we believe Christians should be concerned with God’s justice,” Harrison said. “This is a justice issue. Sometimes we can be so wrapped up in what we want that we are not thinking about how there’s a cost to our consumerism. And there’s an unjust behavior that sometimes supports what we demand in our consumerism.”

TeamOC encourages students to “run for something larger than themselves” at OKC Marathon

“My mom was killed in the OKC Bombing, so it is a very personal event to my entire family,” Arthur said. “The marathon has become a family event—we have almost 30 family and friends who participate with us. We have t-shirts made every year, and we have dinner together the evening before and share wonderful memories of my mother.”

United in Christ brings local congregations together

To strengthen relationships between predominantly Caucasian and predominantly African American church congregations, the United in Christ organization held their cross-congregational event, Unity in Love, Dec. 3 in Oklahoma Christian University’s McIntosh Conservatory.

Oklahoma Community Orchestra performs on campus

“I feel like OC tries to offer people outside of OC to come together to enjoy either different songs of different cultures or even different states, so I think that’s pretty cool,” Kern said. “I like that OC tries to bring in people outside of college students, like what we do for Cocoa and Carols in the commons. We’re bringing people of the community together.”