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Commencement to take place next Friday

"On that list of goals I wanted to achieve, one of them was to graduate early and another one was to get out of college with as little debt as possible," Brown said. "So, when I realized it was possible to do both, I figured, ‘Why Not?’—Russell Westbrook style.”

Cocoa and Carols brings holiday cheer, music to campus

“To me, the campus just keeps getting better and better,” Jones said. “OC has a lot of great traditions we do that builds a legacy of carrying on what others have done before us. Last year, Dr. Harold Fletcher passed away. He always came to Cocoa and Carols and Kent Adams followed in his footsteps, and I’m hoping to follow in footsteps before me.”

OCCR encourages students to question political beliefs

“At our meetings, we try to bring in local politicians to speak so they can update us on the local news and local races,” Stanglin said. “We announce our meetings on Twitter and in the student announcements, so keep an eye out. They are really fun, and Gary Lindsey always brings really good desserts.”

Students spend fall break serving, traveling

“As a senior, I’m starting to view my time differently,” Pipes said. “I've always cherished my fall break trips. I haven't gone to the same place twice, which makes for some really good memories. I think fall break is super important because it's a good time to go places with friends. It's a good, quick break right after midterms.”

Students collaboratively perform “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”

“There aren’t a lot of people in the cast, so we’ve been able to get really close with each other and get to know each other really well, so I’ve made some friends,” Parker said. “The biggest take-away that I’ve gotten from this is that everybody is at a different point in their life, and everybody has different needs, but sometimes one point can meet a whole lot of needs and it’s incredible how one production can change so much.”