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Intramural Schedule



Monday, Sept 2

7:00PM – Gamma vs. Phi [North Field] / Chi A vs. Up [South Field]

8:00PM – Theta vs. Fresh W [North Field] / Delta A vs. Freshman MA [South Field]

9:00PM – Iota vs. Gamma B [North Field]/ Kappa vs. Alpha B [South Field]


Wednesday, Sept 4

8:30PM – Delta B vs. Psi B [North Field] / Kappa A vs. Fresh MA [South Field]

9:30PM – Delta A vs. Psi A [North Field] / Chi B vs. Fresh MB [South Field]


Thursday, Sept 5

7:00PM – Gamma vs. Fresh W [North Field]/ Psi A vs. Chi A [South Field]

8:00PM – Phi vs. Gamma B [North Field] / Delta B vs. Kappa B [South Field]

9:00PM – Iota vs. Up W [North Field] / Delta A vs. Kappa A [South Field]


Sunday, Sept 8

7:30PM – Delta A vs. UP [North Field] / Gamma vs. Iota [South Field]

8:30PM – Fresh MA vs. Psi A [North Field] / UP W vs. Theta [South Field]

9:30PM – Chi A vs. Kappa A [North Field]/ Fresh W vs. Gamma B [South Field]


Monday, Sept 9

7:00PM – Psi A vs. Up [North Field]/ Phi vs. UP W [South Field]

8:00PM – Kappa B vs. Psi B [North Field]/ Theta vs. Iota [South Field]


Tuesday, Sept 10

7:00PM – UP vs. Kappa A [North Field] / Gamma vs. Up W [South Field]

8:00PM – Alpha B vs. Chi B [North Field] / Gamma B vs. Theta [South Field]

9:00PM – Fresh MA vs. Psi B [North Field]/ Fresh W vs. Phi [South Field]


Wednesday, Sept 11

7:30PM – Fresh MA vs. Chi A [North Field]/ Delta B vs. Alpha B [South Field]

8:30PM – Psi B vs. Chi B [North Field]/ Fresh MB vs. Kappa B [South Field]


Thursday, Sept 12

7:00PM – Alpha B vs Fresh MB [North Field] / Gamma vs Theta [South Field]

8:00PM – Delta B vs Chi B [North Field]/ Iota vs. Phi [South Field]

9:00PM – Delta A  vs Chi A [North Field]/ UP W vs. Fresh W [South Field]


Sunday, Sept 15

7:30PM – Up vs. Fresh MA [North Field]/ Chi B vs. Kappa B [South Field]

8:30PM – Delta B vs. Fresh MB [North Field]/ Psi B vs. Alpha B [South Field]

9:30PM – Kappa A v. Psi A [North Field]


Monday, Sept 16

7:00PM – Gamma B v. Up W [North Field]

8:00PM – Fresh W v. Iota [North Field]

9:00PM – Phi v. Theta [North Field]


Tuesday, Sept 17

7:00PM – 1 v. 4 MA [North Field]/ 2 v. 3 W [South Field]

8:00PM – 2 vs. 3 MA [North Field]/ 1 v. 4 W[South Field]


Thursday, Sept 19

7:00PM – Women’s 3rd [North Field]

8:00PM – Men’s 3rd [North Field]

9:00PM – Women’s Championship [North Field]

10:00PM – Men’s Championship [North Field]