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Alumna with front row seat at winter Olympics

“It was at OC that I first learned how to shoot and edit, and turn stories for Eagle Angle,” Cargile said. “I also still hear from my OC professors on a regular basis who are like family. Dr. Jurney just sent me an email a couple of days ago, telling me how proud of me he is and how exciting it is to follow my Olympic experience. It sure makes you feel good and is a reminder of where it all started.”

Thunder employee encourages OC students to “be passionate” about their work

“I personally love each opportunity,” Maddox said. “As someone who comes from a family of educators, I do not get the opportunity very often so there are several at our office who take the chance to speak whenever we can across several schools. I am fortunate that my connection with Wes has allowed me to do that.”

Hope blooms at annual Rose Day in Oklahoma City

As a college student, Peters said she hopes the conversation for pro-life will be open instead of people shying away from it. The only acceptable way to talk about abortion during this day and age is if you are pro-choice, Peters said. As a pro-life supporter and person of faith, Peters said, however, that even if one decides to have an abortion, she still believes Christians should extend grace toward them and love them.