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Intramural Athlete of the Week: April 1-5

Emily Brackett

Gamma Rho

Having former varsity athletes compete in intramurals can sometimes feel like a cheat code. Four women who trained and competed with Oklahoma Christian’s varsity soccer roster are tearing it up on the pitch, but none played quite like Emily Brackett. From sending lead passes, scoring goals and dropping back on defense, Brackett did everything she could to help Gamma secure victory. A quick and aggressive player, watch out for Brackett as the regular season ends and the playoffs begin.

1. What is it like playing soccer with your club?

I love it; it’s my favorite sport, and I really enjoy how I get to play with my club now.

2. Lambda turned the game from an 0-3 deficit to a 2-3 game pretty quickly after halftime. How did you girls prevent the comeback?

For us, it was making sure Jenna White was marked and staying spread out; not collapsing onto the ball so we could pass it around.

3. Are there any other matchups you are looking forward to this season?

I’m just looking forward to having fun and making the championship.

Sam Hegeman 

Kappa Sigma Tau

The last time Kappa A beat another A team in soccer was in 2022, against a very weak Delta squad. So when Kappa started the intramural soccer season by giving up four goals, it looked like nothing had changed. But then, Kappa took down Chi in an overtime thriller and walked over the freshmen like it was nothing. Many highlight moments occurred, but Sam Hegeman took it to another level. Hegeman played all over the pitch, but he particularly stood out as a defender. Hegeman’s defensive efforts and free kicking have led Kappa from going winless to becoming the two seed in the playoffs. Expect Hegeman to only continue stepping it up from here.

1. What is it like helping Kappa achieve their first win in over two years?

It’s a good feeling to have a win under the belt, especially considering we just put up more goals in one game than we did all last year, so that’s good.

2. That was a tough game, giving up a goal in the first two minutes, then having a long overtime battle. What was it like out there on the pitch?

It was definitely a check because we came out kind of flat, but we were able to bounce back and really use it as motivation to move forward and get the job done.

3. You did a lot of great work, especially with your passing and free kicks. Do you want to mention any of your teammates who received said passes?

Edson and Pablo Trejo killed it up front; they are studs of soccer and put the rest of our team to shame. We also have Michael and Brayden, so we have some guys out there when put up to the front of the field, they do good stuff.

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