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Intramural Athlete of the Week: March 25-29

Natalie Smith 

Gamma Rho

The last time we saw Natalie Smith, she was tearing it up on the gridiron during flag football. Luckily, the same athletic skill transferred to the soccer pitch. Smith used her top speed, agility and strength to lead Gamma to victory. Gamma is almost guaranteed to win all sports this year, and Smith is here to make that statement concrete.

1. What is it like to be back on the field with your sisters?

It’s nice. I haven’t played a sport since football, so it’s good to be out here with Gamma.

2. You mentioned you haven’t played intramurals recently. Does that affect your performance on the field and the chemistry with the team?

It has no effect. It’s a different sport, but it’s still the same team.

3. What are some things you are looking forward to during the soccer season?

I’m looking forward to just having fun and playing with these girls. It’s always a party.

Luke Ferguson

Delta Gamma Sigma

It is easy to see why Ferguson claimed the title of intramural athlete of the week; within two games, he has put up eight goals and four assists. With two big wins, (6-2 over Kappa and 9-0 over Chi) Ferguson has made Delta the team to beat this soccer season.

1. What is it like playing with all of your brothers?

It’s a lot of fun. Since I left the soccer team here at Oklahoma Christian, it has been good to be able to play with all of these guys. It has been really fun having some good wins and playing some good, fun soccer.

2. Delta now has two dominant wins. What does it feel like, especially with the huge win over Chi?

It is easy when you have people around you; definitely, the team has helped a lot with good passing and lots of good moving that create easy goal opportunities for me. When I see a goal, I’m just shooting.

3. You say your team backs you up. Anybody you want to highlight in particular?

Manny; he’s just crazy. He’s a dog. He’s probably the best player out there and far better than I am, so definitely give good credit to him.

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