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Hope blooms at annual Rose Day in Oklahoma City

As a college student, Peters said she hopes the conversation for pro-life will be open instead of people shying away from it. The only acceptable way to talk about abortion during this day and age is if you are pro-choice, Peters said. As a pro-life supporter and person of faith, Peters said, however, that even if one decides to have an abortion, she still believes Christians should extend grace toward them and love them.

The Hills Church hosts annual Men’s Conference

“It really shows that we’re there for each other, because a lot of times, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone, that things in the world are only happening to you,” Engle said. “Life’s not perfect, but God’s love perseveres through all, and to come and meet men who have been through things and share your story. Listening to speakers talk about their lives has always impacted me, and I think it impacts a lot of people.”