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Soundings Unveils 2024 Literary Journal

The annual Soundings Unveiling ceremony took place on April 10, releasing the 2024 issue of the literary journal and announcing the winners of the individual categories. 

Chairmen of the language and literature department Travis Montgomery explained why the opportunity Soundings provides is important to Oklahoma Christian students. 

“Soundings is a wonderful experience for our students at Oklahoma Christian, especially in the language and literature program, to get some editorial experience that will really help them moving into their professional lives after graduation,” Montgomery said. 

Producing a journal is no easy feat, and yet, Soundings advisor Nathan Shank said the operation is entirely student run.

“They do all the parts of it, from staff to managing meetings, designing a cover, fundraising and picking judges,” Shank said.

Senior editor of the journal, Rylee Schmidt, expressed gratitude for the journal and the people involved.  

“I really enjoyed this opportunity and this privilege and the chance to get to share people’s art with others,” Schmidt said. “It has been so cool to have people trust us with that process and to kind of share with everyone.”

Not only did Soundings grant Schmidt the opportunity to interact with student work, but it also allowed her to connect with other Oklahoma Christian students who are passionate about the arts.

“I can’t say enough just how thankful I am for all the friendships that I have developed through the process,” Schmidt said. 

Soundings will now be looking for new staff members for the 2024-2025 school year. For more information, visit their website here

The winners of the 2024 journal are as follows:

Visual Art 

1st place: Benjamin Chippeaux (Miniature Polaroid Camera)

2nd place: Tyler Dollarhide (Spalted Mulberry Bowl)

3rd place: M. Sartors (Calm Before the Storm)


1st place: Justin Davis (Jellyfish Waltz)

2nd place: Justin Davis (An Ode to October)

3rd place: Tyler Dollarhide (Meteora Monasteries)


1st place: Matteo Guthrie (American Technical)

2nd place: Alista Richardson (Letter to My Love)

3rd place: Abigail Balleweg (Wicche Country)


1st place: Rylee Schmidt (Pride) 

2nd place: Haley Robinson (Sebastian Pether Paints “The Eruption of Vesuvius”)

3rd place: Rylee Schmidt (Valentine’s Day)

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