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Eagle Film Premiers “The Seed”

Tonight, Eagle Film is hosting a showing of their latest original project, “The Seed.” The film will play at 7:30 p.m. in Baugh Auditorium. 

Production began in Sept. of last year as a final project for its senior participants. The project also honors David Jurney for his years of teaching in the film department of Oklahoma Christian.  

Students showed “The Seed” at the Austin Revolution Film Festival this year. 

Photo of “The Seed” playing at the festival provided by Amanda Noblin.

James Dziedzic, one of the founders of the Austin Revolution Film Festival, created a special block for this year’s festival in honor of David Jurney. 

“We wanted to provide a space for sort of faith based, more positive, uplifting and inspiring movies. That became the block in David’s honor. Our festival really wants to show all kinds of voices: women, orientation, people of color and faith based stuff,” Dziedzic said. “That really gave us an opportunity to welcome in an entirely different point of view of filmmaker and an entirely different audience.”

Dziedzic shared how he connected with Jurney. 

“David and I met years ago at other festivals, we kind of just ended up on the circuit together. He started playing at our festival and we became fast friends. We both have taught film. I teach at the high school level. We were in similar life places, that was really it. You get on the film festival circuit and you find your family kind of thing,” Dziedzic. 

Dziedzic discussed the vetting process for what films are shown at the festival.

“We get in the neighborhood of 3000 movies. We play about 150 of them. We’ve got judges from all over the country that will work to whittle it down, and then I get involved with films that are rated at least a 7 out of 10. Then we start to whittle them down even further, and then it becomes about fit for the festival,” Dziedzic said. 

Dziedzic described how each year of the festival is different.

“The festival becomes its own vibe. If we’re really heavy in horror films one year, we work to make sure that we’re balancing it out with other things. But if we can find a connective tissue somewhere, we’ll try to do that,” Dziedzic said, “We treat the festival like it’s a big stage. We want to make sure we’re playing a lot of different stuff, but it feels like there’s a rhythm to the whole thing.” 

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