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OCMA works to raise concern during Human Trafficking Awareness Month

“This is a Christian college campus, and ultimately, we believe Christians should be concerned with God’s justice,” Harrison said. “This is a justice issue. Sometimes we can be so wrapped up in what we want that we are not thinking about how there’s a cost to our consumerism. And there’s an unjust behavior that sometimes supports what we demand in our consumerism.”

“Wonder Woman” alumna remembered at benefit concert

“There were really three things that Amy said to us before she passed,” Luke said. ““One, you are not allowed to be mad at God that I am sick, or if I die. He did not cause this. You cannot blame God. Two, I just want this to glorify Him. If I can bless someone or if someone comes to know him from me, then it is worth it,’—and she lived it out. And the third was she didn’t say goodbye. She said, ‘see you soon,’ so we say, ‘See you soon.’”

Museum of the Bible opens in Washington D.C.

“Whether you come from any kind of faith background or no faith background, you can experience this as an important part in human history,” Blanchard said. “No one can deny that the Bible has been an import part of human history, but to have such a prominent and sophisticated museum right in the heart of the nation’s capital, it’s a really phenomenal investment by that family. I know they poured a lot into it so it is exciting.”

Meet the 2017 Homecoming Nominees

Homecoming nominations annually flood students’ inboxes in search of candidates for the homecoming court. Only seniors are eligible for the crown, but other grade levels and social clubs participate as representatives in the homecoming court.

Students spend fall break serving, traveling

“As a senior, I’m starting to view my time differently,” Pipes said. “I've always cherished my fall break trips. I haven't gone to the same place twice, which makes for some really good memories. I think fall break is super important because it's a good time to go places with friends. It's a good, quick break right after midterms.”