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Counseling center benefits from philanthropy

During the fall 2022 semester, Oklahoma Christian University’s Homecoming philanthropy project raised money towards the campus counseling center. The money collected started being implemented this semester. 

With the help of the student body and the art department, the atmosphere and structure of the counseling center has improved. Director of counseling Sheldon Adkins has overseen as the project has made a difference in the counseling center. 

The art department painted a mural inside the counseling center to uplift the atmosphere and make the center more inviting. Junior Carolyn Clark said the new improvements have genuinely made her feel more welcome. 

“I love how we got to highlight something so important to students on campus during homecoming,” Clark said. “The colors and vibe of the counseling center now have made me feel more comfortable with going there.”

The counseling center is meant to be a safe place for students to go and it was represented through homecoming’s recognition.

The philanthropy money has also gone to providing more scholarship opportunities for students who cannot necessarily afford it. Junior Chasity Mcmahan said it has been nice to know she has the support she needs mentally when she cannot afford it. 

“Mental health is so important to me, and I want to recognize how important the counseling center is and how affordable it can be because I feel like we don’t use it enough,” Mcmahan said. 

The counseling center is a place for students going through college and adjusting through difficult changes or developing new ones. In hard times across campus, like the passing of communications professor David Jurney, the counseling center has the resources to be there for the campus.

The counseling center opening up free sessions for anyone to talk was a chance to use the resources well. 

 Clark said with all the changes Oklahoma Christian has gone through, the counseling center is a great place for her to refresh. 

“I know it’s cheesy, but it really is my safe place, and I’m glad we get to support it through club stuff,” Clark said. “I look forward to all the improvements and opportunities other students will get to have.”

The counseling center will continue to use the proceeds raised during Homecoming to grow the center for the betterment of the students. Mcmahan said she looks forward to the changes in the future. 

“I hope everyone doesn’t procrastinate going to the counseling center like me,” Mcmahan said. “The students have this resource, and I hope they can see how important mental health is.”

For more information, email Adkins at or go to the counseling center located by the mailroom for more details and support. 

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