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A class for extraordinary kids

For the past 45 years, Oklahoma Chirstian University has offered a unique class for students as a Bible credit. This class is called the Recreation for Disabled Children and it highlights extraordinary children in the Edmond and Oklahoma City area. 

The class meets every Wednesday and Friday from 12:40 p.m. to 1:30 p.m in the Payne Athletic Center with children to play and spend time with them. Senior Abby Kumor is one of the students participating this semester. 

“It gives me so much joy to bring love and fun into these students’ lives,” Kumor said. “Everywhere you look in this class, you see  smiles, and that is why I show up everyday.”

The class is led by professor of education Allison Cassady, who openly stepped into the role of teaching the class thanks to  her 11 year old son Leo. 

“He receives Special Education services, and I wanted this class to be a place he would love to come to and one where he can learn and grow,” Cassady said. “This is a unique and powerful mission field I am honored to be a part of.”

In the class, the extraordinary children have the opportunity to participate in recreational activities with the Oklahoma Christian students. These activities include games of catch, tag and tricycle rides. 

Kumor said she enjoys doing activities with the kids. 

“I love playing catch with my buddy named Jett. He has a great arm and loves to throw it as fast as he can,” Kumor said. “I also like playing tag with Alyssa. She is wheelchair bound, so I push her around the gym while she does all the tagging. It is a great time for the both of us.”

Senior Andrew Evers, who is also a part of the class, said the class is more than just the activities they do. 

“It’s a break from everything else going on in our crazy busy lives,” Evers said. “These students already go through difficulties in school and life in general. This is one chance we have to make them feel like they are valued as much as any other student in a school building.”

The class offers an opportunity for not only Oklahoma Christian students to refresh, but for the children participating to find comfort as well. 

“I am humbled by every single class to see the joy in the children’s faces as well as in the Oklahoma Christian students,” Cassady said. “Seeing my students step up, without hesitation, to play, interact and show love to the young students fills my heart.”

Evers said he has been able to create new and special memories with the children in class as well as skills he finds valuable. 

“Previously, I  had little to no experience working with students with disabilities,” Evers said. “This is one of the best ways I can gain that experience and help me grow in ways to  teach future students with disabilities.”

The class is a continuation of Max Dobson’s legacy at Oklahoma Christian, and Cassady said she is honored to carry out this legacy. 

“It is humbling to think about the number of Edmond students who have been through the doors of The Barn and now the PAC Gym,” Cassady said. “The number of children who have been served by the hands and feet of Jesus in the form of caring Oklahoma Christian students.”

Cassady said she hopes this class teaches students to be more understanding. 

“It is my prayer for Oklahoma Christian students to leave this class with a measure of more love and compassion for others and especially for others who are different than they are,” Cassady said. 

Cassady invites any students at Oklahoma Christian to join the class when spring enrollment opens. For any questions, contact 

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