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Alumna with front row seat at winter Olympics

“It was at OC that I first learned how to shoot and edit, and turn stories for Eagle Angle,” Cargile said. “I also still hear from my OC professors on a regular basis who are like family. Dr. Jurney just sent me an email a couple of days ago, telling me how proud of me he is and how exciting it is to follow my Olympic experience. It sure makes you feel good and is a reminder of where it all started.”

Thunder employee encourages OC students to “be passionate” about their work

“I personally love each opportunity,” Maddox said. “As someone who comes from a family of educators, I do not get the opportunity very often so there are several at our office who take the chance to speak whenever we can across several schools. I am fortunate that my connection with Wes has allowed me to do that.”

Stencil reflects on time at OC, “one greeting can change someone’s life”

“I love the kids,” Littleton said. “I have grown attached to them and I just love greeting everyone every morning. One greet can change someone’s life, so that’s what I do. When people have something they are stressed about, we pray about it and I tell them it is going to be okay. This is school, this is college and you are supposed to be stressed out a little bit, because that is part of life.”

TeamOC encourages students to “run for something larger than themselves” at OKC Marathon

“My mom was killed in the OKC Bombing, so it is a very personal event to my entire family,” Arthur said. “The marathon has become a family event—we have almost 30 family and friends who participate with us. We have t-shirts made every year, and we have dinner together the evening before and share wonderful memories of my mother.”