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Homecoming 2018 Executive Director announced

“This year, we are going to really try to encourage students to go to the alumni breakfasts and just provide them with the opportunity to interact with people who did go here, because I think that is so important. They can tell you how things have changed and you can have good conversations with them. When it comes to Homecoming in general, just come and get involved, because it is going to be a good time.”

“When I got here, I was finally considered part of the majority,” senior reflects on time at OC

“When I got here, I was finally considered part of the majority, in terms of finally being surrounded by other Christian people,” Reed said. “Just being out here with people who have similar mindsets and being able to find my inner circle was really important for me here at OC. In the Bible, Jesus had his 12 disciples and within that, his inner-circle, so I am glad I was able to find my group of people—that good group of friends I can go to in difficult times.”