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Posts published in “Opinions”

Let the Kids Play

With two weeks of fantasy football behind us, many owners are scrambling to find a way to lift their team into legitimate contention. Others are prematurely writing their season off. Some are kicking their feet up, watching their team do exactly what they were drafted for.
But, most do not understand the implications of the $5 entry fee you paid if you are a collegiate athlete.

Miss America 2.0?

Change is hard and changing a 98-year tradition is really hard, but there is nothing stopping me from loving all the things Miss America stands for.

Does Our President Respect Our Rights?

It deeply troubles me our current president has such disregard for the rights given to citizens under our First Amendment. Our country is the free land it is because of the great rights protected by our Constitution, perhaps most notably, by our First Amendment.

A nation divided

Currently, there are two words with the power to spark an immediate, heated argument among citizens in our nation: Colin Kaepernick. This one name has…