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Posts published in “Opinions”

Never-Ending Horror

Maybe guns are not the only issue at hand, but they are certainly a common factor. We can continue to sit on our hands and keep holding vigils and posting our condolences on social media, or we can choose to agree it is time to admit we have a problem with guns.

The Good News in LifeWay’s Closings

“Christians are not called to create a subculture untouched by the beauty and ugliness of this world. The minute we try to codify these messy Christian lives that we live, the minute we try to sanitize and apologize for them, we not only lose our relevance, but our soul.”

Soda is the new cigarette

The dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco are well known. Too much alcohol consumption leads to liver cancer and brain damage. Excessive cigarette smoking causes…

Women Are Heroes, Too

This past weekend, Disney’s “Captain Marvel” hauled in $153 million in American ticket sales, making it the seventh best opening weekend of any of the…

The Big Truth

The financial information in the editorial below can be found at Oklahoma Christian students are encouraged to sign up for free and learn about…