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President Loses Progressives in Michigan

In an unexpected call-to-action, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) voiced radical opposition to President Biden and his administration’s approach to foreign policy.

The Democratic representative aired her frustrations publicly on Saturday, Feb. 17 after the Listen to Michigan campaign posted a video on social media, where Rep. Tlaib urged Michigan voters to slight President Biden in the Michigan primary on Feb. 27.

Tlaib proclaimed the president and the greater American government had ignored the war in Gaza while simultaneously bashing the U.S. government for its current policy stance on Israel.

The Michigan representative looked to be siding with terrorism, calling on voters across the Great Lake State to boycott the relationship President Biden had cultivated between the United States and Israel by voting “uncommitted” in the upcoming Michigan primary.

“‘If you want us to be louder, then come here and vote uncommitted,’ Tlaib said,” according to The Hill.

Rep. Tlaib went further, blaming President Biden for ignoring the wishes of many Muslim, Arab and Palestinian-Americans within the United States and abroad in Gaza.

“‘This is the way you can raise our voices, to make us even more visible,’ Tlaib said. ‘Right now, we feel completely neglected — neglected and just unseen by our government,’” according to The Hill.

Many far-left progressives have already written President Biden off as a potential candidate they would vote for in the Michigan primary and possibly the 2024 Presidential Election. Some progressive Michigan voters have even labeled Biden as a contributor to the atrocities taking place in Gaza.

“Mr. Biden has alienated many progressives, some of whom dub him ‘Genocide Joe,’ over his handling of the Hamas-Israel war and the high number of civilian causalities in the Gaza Strip as Israel tries to root out the Islamist terrorist group. These leftists have demanded that the president call for a cease-fire,” according to The Washington Times.

Rep. Tlaib’s radical calls have energized many resident voters in Michigan, which some see as a possible threat to President Biden’s reelection efforts in the popular swing state.

For radical progressives who support adversaries of Israel, it seems pushing strategies to derail Biden’s White House efforts in the Great Lake State could hurl Biden into a possible loss in Michigan this November.

“Muslim and Arab American activists leading the effort in the Listen to Michigan campaign want to show the Biden campaign that their lack of support for the president in the upcoming election could cost him the state that he won by three points in 2020. Michigan is expected to be a battleground in November,” according to The Hill.

Biden’s image has been further distorted among the radical factions of the Democratic Party through the strain apparent between the 81-year-old president and progressive lawmakers.

“Biden has faced increasing criticism from progressive lawmakers and activists for his stance on Israel.

“Muslim Americans in key swing states have organized an ‘abandon Biden’ campaign, and in Michigan in particular Biden campaign officials have struggled even to parley with hostile activists,” according to Axios.

As Democrats scramble to place the Biden administration back into the good graces of key progressive Democratic Party voters, it seems President Biden will face much larger risks to his presidency come the increasingly narrow 2024 Presidential Election.

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