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Obituary of Psi Epsilon

Due to a lack of members, the men’s social service club Psi Epsilon dissolved. The former members of the club held a memorial service on Friday, March 29 in the Garvey Conservatory.

The following was read by Logan Miller at the event to commemorate Psi:

“Psi Epsilon was born in some vague time during fall 2008, and died on January 8, 2024 at 6:55 pm. Psi Epsilon was born at OC, I would assume in the student center, and died at OC in NSW. Psi Epsilon’s cause of death was too few members. The memorial service is Friday, March 29th at 6pm in the Garvey conservatory. Which is right here, right now. If you need more information about the location, please contact Olivia Bryant. This is a funeral service, so make sure you are wearing formal, black attire. You shouldn’t need to bring anything in particular with you. Psi Epsilon had many accomplishments throughout their life. Notable ones include 2 All Star Male Athletes, 2 Homeward Pride wins, and an award for the Best Spring Sing Show of All Time. Psi Epsilon is survived by 11 Alpha Gamma Omega members, 8 Kappa Sigma Tau members, one Chi Lambda Phi member, 6 people not in clubs, 259 alumni, and 60 Psi Sisters.If you have any special messages you wish to send to the friends and family of Psi Epsilon, please send them in the Psi Memorial Chat on GroupMe. ”

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