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2024 Oklahoma Christian Spring Sing Hosts Highlight

Oklahoma Christian University’s annual Spring Sing performance is just around the corner, with only three weeks left until the show. The Talon spoke with this year’s Executive Host Director and Spring Sing hosts to see what rehearsals look like and what they are anticipating in the upcoming show. 

Junior Hayden Shelton said one of his favorite things to come out of rehearsals has been the friendship he has gained with the other hosts.

“My favorite thing about being a host is hanging out with some cool people,” Shelton said. “All of the hosts are so talented and super enjoyable to be around. I also just love to sing, so that’s been really fun.”

Although rehearsals are filled with fun, Shelton said a challenge has been singing with no written music. 

“One of the struggles during rehearsal has also been one of my favorite things,” Shelton said. “A lot of the songs we’re singing don’t have written parts, so we have to experiment and make our own. It’s really fun and brings a lot of creativity to the process.”

Even though challenges have been present in the rehearsal process, Shelton said he is excited to sing a fan-favorite by Queen in the show. 

“I’m most excited to sing ‘Somebody to Love’ by Queen,” Shelton said. “The song is full of energy, and the live band makes it ten times better.” 

Through all the highs and lows of the rehearsal process, Shelton said his favorite aspect of rehearsals have been the inside jokes. 

“The best part of rehearsal is just goofing around with the other hosts,” Shelton said. “Alexi Hufstedler, our director, would probably disagree, but nothing beats it.”

Freshman Madi Arnold said being a host has taught her invaluable knowledge and has helped test her limits. 

“Being a part of the hosts has truly been great. It’s helping me learn how to sight read but also working on learning by ear too,” Arnold said. “Along with that, it’s teaching me that my range is much higher than I thought it was. Being a host is pushing me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible.” 

Along with the knowledge she has been learning, Arnold also said she has gained connections with the other hosts.

“My favorite part of rehearsal has been the time where all the hosts talk and joke around,” Arnold said. “We all get along so well and have grown close. Not only do our personalities mesh well, but our voices do too.”

Arnold said she is most excited to sing a popular number from “Mamma Mia” alongside the other girl hosts. 

“I am so excited to sing the girl’s song ‘Gimme Gimme.’ It’s so much fun and lively,” Arnold said. “The song is from ‘Mamma Mia,’ which is a plus, but it’s also my favorite song of the show because it shows how well the girl hosts mesh.” 

Executive Host Director Alexi Hufstedler said being this year’s host director has been a personal blessing to her. 

“To me, it gives me the opportunity to create a show that will leave the audience smiling and entertained,” Hufstedler said. “And truly, I am only guiding the hosts, they are the talent that makes this show so great.”

With only a few weeks since rehearsals have started, Hufstedler said the hosts have impressed her with their fast adaptability to the music. 

“They have wowed me in how quickly they learn whatever I throw at them,” Hufstedler said. “Their flexibility and talent has truly amazed me.”

Hufstedler said her favorite number in this year’s show is one that gives her a familiar feeling. 

“My personal favorite [song] is ‘Top of the World’ by the Carpenters. That song always leaves me with a warm feeling, and this year’s hosts perform it beautifully.”
Spring Sing will take place on March 1-2 in Baugh Auditorium. Tickets can be purchased through this link.

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