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Photo Essay: Spring Sing 2024

To view the full photo gallery, click here. All photo credit goes to Faithanna Olsson.

Theta Theta Theta as the Truffula Trees.
Hosts Kedrick Gregory and Cayden Abrams.
Gamma Rho as the Princesses and Peas.
Host Jake Lloyd.
Hosts Kedrick Gregory, Hayden Shelton, Drew Hamil and Jake Lloyd.
Kappa Sigma Tau as the Spongebobs and Patricks.
Lambda Chi Zeta as Ghostbusters.
Host Hayden Shelton.
Delta Gamma Sigma as the Pac-Men.
Host Drew Hamil.
All hosts: Madison Poling, Hayden Shelton, Jake Lloyd, Drew Hamil, Cayden Abrams, Anna Wolf, Kedrick Gregory and Dallas Hicks.
Iota Kappa Phi as Monsters.
Hosts Anna Wolf and Jake Lloyd.
Chi Lambda Phi as Curious Georges and the Men in the Yellow Hats.
Host Anna Wolf.
Hosts Anna Wolf, Madison Poling, Dallas Hicks and Cayden Abrams.
Alpha and Beta as the Mummies and Night Guards.
Host Dallas Hicks.
Freshmen as Charlie Browns and Lucys.
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