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Alpha Gamma Omega & Beta Beta Sigma Spring Sing 2024 Story

This year, The Talon offered each social club the opportunity to write a short article about their club’s Spring Sing show and history. Today’s article features two clubs, Alpha Gamma Omega & the newly revived Beta Beta Sigma.

By Sadie Brock

This year, Alpha Gamma Omega and Beta Beta Sigma are partnering up to bring Night at the Museum to the Spring Sing stage! 

“We wanted to play with the idea that Beta ‘came back from the dead,’” Sadie Brock, Beta’s director, said. “My mom was in Beta’s Mummies themed show in the late 90s, so I knew of that history and wanted to pay homage to it. I am also a huge fan of Night at the Museum, so that theme seemed like a perfect fit. When we combined our joint show with Alpha, I pitched the idea to them, and they loved it.”

In our show, Beta plays the mummies and Alpha plays the night guards. The night guard costumes were pretty simple to devise; the mummies were a bit harder since we obviously could not just wrap everyone in toilet paper (as many people have joked). We are super excited about what we came up with—you will just have to see the show ;).

Our songs this year are very high energy. We have included both some Spring Sing standards and some more obscure selections. One of our songs, Stayin’ Alive, is especially important. This song was featured in Beta’ first Mummies show, and the beat perfectly fits Beta’s new signature move. See if you can spot it when we perform!

Beta and Alpha were very successful in Spring Sing in the 80s and 90s. The two clubs actually performed a joint show, Tarzan and Jane, in 2002! 

OC’s evolving club culture impacted both clubs’ size significantly, which in turn affects their Spring Sing presence. Beta’s last show (Annie) was in 2008 before the club officially died in 2010. For the past two years, Alpha has included their female Angels in shows due to their smaller size. This school year has been big for both clubs: Beta is back on campus for the first time in 13 years, and Alpha has almost tripled in size. We are ready to make history (pardon the museum pun) as we take the stage together and show OC what our clubs are all about!

“Our goals for this year are to put on a good show and hopefully to continue Alpha’s tradition of winning ‘Audience Favorite,’” Zach Sanderford, Alpha’s director, said. “I’m confident we can accomplish these goals because I am confident in what our clubs can do — it is just a matter of execution.

“It has been a challenge to balance two clubs’ schedules. Our clubs are full of busy people, so not everyone can be at every rehearsal. It can be difficult to coordinate formations and run stunts with empty spaces, but we have made it work. I cannot wait to show off the results of our hard work!”

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