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Gamma Rho Spring Sing 2024 Story

This year, The Talon offered each social club the opportunity to write a short article about their club’s Spring Sing show and history. Today’s article features last year’s Spring Sing winner, Gamma Rho.

By Hannah Hartman

This year, our directors chose “The Princess and The Pea” for our club to perform! Inspired by the musical Once Upon a Mattress from the 1950s, our show tells the classic fairytale where a pea is used to prove that a princess is “true.” 

Our directors, Olivia Rogers and Meg Garner, wanted to choose something iconic with a fun story to tell, and I think they hit the mark perfectly. Gamma has a variety of personalities, so it is a lot of fun to do shows that allow us to play more than one character! 

We have two characters, one wearing a pink princess dress, and another wearing a round pea costume. Gamma really loves wearing costumes and being silly, so we knew these costumes would help us really get into our element for each performance. Gamma is very proud to make our own costumes each year — it allows everyone to play a role in the final product and builds a strong community. 

Our directors have worked tirelessly to create a show that current Gamma will love to perform, and that Gamma Alumni will love to watch! 

“For strategic purposes, we wanted to pick something very well known so the audience can easily keep up with and enjoy the lyrics and choreo,” Meg Garner, one Spring Sing director, said. 

“We have a lot of talent in Gamma Rho, so we made sure to make choreography that showcases everyone’s abilities. Meg and I know that if our members love to perform the show, that will make the audience enjoy it even more!” Olivia Rogers, another Spring Sing director, said.

Last year, Gamma Rho won first place in Spring Sing, and we are so excited to carry on the legacy of hard work and dedication that previous years of Gamma have created for us! At the core of our club’s values, we believe in being a good competitor. Whether we win or lose, we know that we will have given 110% every time!

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