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How to Lose a Guy In 10 Seconds: The Icks of OC

Disappointed you did not get a ring by spring? Check out this list of icks to see if any of them might be the reason you are still single. 

According to Urban Dictionary, an ick is “something someone does that is an instant turn-off for you, making you instantly hate the idea of being with them romantically.” The Talon surveyed students in the cafeteria to compile this list of Oklahoma Christian Icks. 

  1. When someone makes Spring Sing a personality trait.

Coming in as the most hated OC ick, using Spring Sing as a personality trait is not recommended. We all love Spring Sing, but c’mon, there’s other things to love about OC, and life for that matter. 

2. Making club the most important thing.

In a similar vein, we all love clubs. But variety is the spice of life, pick up a hobby and socialize with people outside your club!

3. When they say, “God told me you’re my spouse” after two weeks of dating (or less).

We’ve all heard the mantra, “When you know you know,” but maybe don’t let the other person know so soon? And definitely don’t blame God if the person disagrees!

4. When they invite someone to church, assuming it’s a date

As Brian Simmons always says, use your words! If you want to go on a church date, explicitly say so. Otherwise, let church continue to be about your relationship with Jesus. 

5. When someone came to college just to find a spouse.

The ring by spring energy can have an adverse effect.

6. When someone uses Fizz.

Student Life NOT APPROVED, don’t use Fizz! 

7. When someone takes intramurals too seriously.

Good sportsmanship is the play for scoring a date. 

8. When someone changes their major 3+ times, only to land at “undecided.”

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8 

9. When they don’t hold eye contact.

Be careful with this one, you don’t want to have too much premarital eye contact. However, eye contact is known to display confidence and attentive listening in the conversation you are having. 

10. When they display hypocritical behavior.

The men of Delta Gamma Sigma especially hate words not aligning with actions. 

11. When a person is different around their friends than they are with you.

No fake personalities on our Christian campus please!

12. When they only wear OC related clothing.

We’ll donate to expanding your wardrobe. 

13. When business majors say their schedule is “too full.”

Sorry guys, we all know life is pretty sweet in the Harvey Business Center. 

14. When the walk to class would take less time but the person still drives.

Maybe they’re too cold? 

15. When they make fun of professors.

We love our professors! Leave them alone! 

16. When people don’t fulfill their scholarship commitments.

When OC Eagles commit, we COMMIT. Go to class. Go to practice. Thank your donors. 

17. When someone doesn’t thank John Meadows for holding the doors open before chapel.

Thanks John!

18. When they talk to their friends instead of paying attention in class.

Please refer to #15 and #16. 

19. When they chew loudly in class.

At least share the snack if you’re gonna make us listen to you eat it. 

20. When they believe in astrology.

If they ask what your sign is, that’s your sign to leave. 

21. When every other thing they say is, “When I was in Vienna…”

Maybe we can ship you back. 

22. When they criticize the movies you like because “you don’t understand real art.”

“Ratatouille” is a cinematic masterpiece. “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” is an honorable mention as well since it inspired this article. 

23. When they steal dishes from the caf.

For more information about caf theft, please refer to this article which contains serious campus news. 

Thanks for reading this far, we hope you had a laugh! 

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