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Estimated Spring Sing revenue sums to $64,380

Each year, Spring Sing garners a profit from ticket sales, ad revenues and participation fees. This year, Spring Sing Executives estimate a total revenue of $64,380 and a total net income of $10,755.

According to sections one and two of the Student Government Association (SGA) Spring Sing by-laws, SGA has the final say regarding all rules and regulations implemented by the Spring Sing executive committee, including monetary policies.

“SGA shall be responsible for all expenses related to production including salaries which shall be set in advance,” the by-laws said. “In return, SGA is entitled to a share of the show’s profits, which will be determined by SGA Executive President and staff sponsor.”

While SGA does not guide the Spring Sing planning, they provide the money necessary to fund the $50,625 of expenses required to make the show a reality.

“Technically, both homecoming and Spring Sing fall under the umbrella of SGA,” Parent Association Director Elizabeth McElroy said. “SGA provides the seed money for the show to get started and then receives the profits back from them to distribute out for campus projects or things that continue to help the show be able to run great.”

Funding for Spring Sing functions as a cycle, reusing the ending balance from each year. According to Baylee Hyatt, Spring Sing executive treasurer, the estimated ticket sales are a major component in funding and collecting a profit for the event.

“All of the money from Spring Sing either comes from advertising or ticket sales,” Hyatt said. “All the money from ticket sales are definitely the biggest source of how Spring Sing is funded.”

After Spring Sing director compensation (15% of net income), ad manager compensation (10% of ad revenue) and $7,000 club payouts, Spring Sing executives plan to have a final balance of $1,854.25.

Tickets for Spring Sing cost $17.50 for the front section and $15.50 for the back. According to the budget plan, estimated ticket revenue this year is $58,380. Before ticket sales begin, the Appropriations committee and a majority vote from the SGA must approve the Spring Sing budget.

“Part of the Spring Sing budget shall include that the Oklahoma Christian University Admissions department receive a reimbursement of minimum of $1 per ticket sold to the Saturday matinee,” the by-laws said. “The Admissions department shall receive this reimbursement because of promotion costs incurred while promoting Spring Sing to seniors and church youth groups along with the Youth Forum and Spring Visit.”

Unlike homecoming, which requires $10,000 of new money each year, those involved with Spring Sing work to ensure the show’s finances are reused. According to McElroy, the self-sustaining nature of the Spring Sing financial process benefits SGA and the event as a whole.

“The budget originally started with SGA and then it was put into a separate account with the purpose of it being self-sustaining,” McElroy said. “It’s not like we take new money to give to them. They make their profits, and out of those profits, we put that back into their seed money to add on to, and then they keep going from there.

Despite the stress and pressure required to manage Spring Sing, Baylee Hyatt said she views her work as a learning opportunity.

“I’m an accounting and finance major, so anytime that I can get to work with numbers and budgets is fun for me,” Hyatt said. “We have weekly meetings with all the executive team [where we] get together. Hearing about the rest of the show and all the stuff that is going on is really fun.”

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