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Homecoming winners, king and queen announced

With the theme of “Cinderella,” the women of Gamma Rho danced their way to victory tonight.

The 2019 Homecoming winners were announced following both basketball games this evening. For the fourth consecutive year in a row, Gamma Rho became Oklahoma Christian University’s Homecoming champions.

Alongside Vivian Arledge, one of Gamma Rho’s Homecoming directors Amelia Gordon said after all the club’s hard work, she is excited about the Homecoming victory.

“We could not have done it without the help of our club members and their dedication to this club,” Gordon said. “Special shoutout to both of our dads for helping make our vision come true. Thank you to our sponsors and alumni for constant support. Go go Gamma Rho.”

The overall Homecoming theme, childhood classics, permeated throughout Oklahoma Christian’s social service clubs. In second place, the women of Iota Kappa Phi based their Homecoming weekend around the movie “Up.”

Between the men’s and women’s basketball games, seniors Destiny Grace and Jonathan Holsberry were announced as the Homecoming queen and king.

Holsberry, a psychology major from Wichita Falls, TX, and the president of Chi Lambda Phi said he felt “really good” about becoming the Homecoming king.

“It’s really cool to be acknowledged by your peers and by the student body,” Holsberry said. “I’m just proud to have this honor.”

Grace, a family science major from Rockwall, TX, a member of the Oklahoma Christian track and field team and a woman of Gamma Rho, also said it felt good to have earned a position on the Homecoming court and to become the Homecoming queen.

“I feel like crying,” Grace said immediately following her crowning. “It’s just super kind that people think highly enough of me for me to be here.”

Homecoming club coordinator Carly Compton said while she is exhausted after the weekend, today made everything worth it, especially considering both basketball teams won their games.

“I feel so proud of every single club and all the work they put in,” Compton said. “It was such a joy to watch their hard work come together, as well as having the community join together for this one event. There was a lot of hard work and organization behind today to make it that way. I am proud of everyone’s work this year.”

Here are the final homecoming standings:

First place: Gamma Rho
Second place: Iota Kappa Phi
Third place: Chi Lambda Phi
Fourth place: Phi Omega nu

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