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Kritz to “Rewind the Clock” for Spring Sing 2017

Next year’s Spring Sing theme will bring students back to their roots at the hands of newly named Executive Director David Paul Kritz.

“The theme is called ‘Rewind the Clock,’ and it is going to be based on the 90s,” Kritz said. “Everything should be 90s-based. I have a list of songs going for the hosts and hopefully the clubs will have a fun time with it.”

Kritz said he is passionate about Spring Sing and cannot wait to see how his ideas look like on the stage.

“I just love Spring Sing,” Kritz said. “I do not know if there is anyone more passionate about it than I am. I have grown up watching Spring Sing my whole life. To be a part of the shows the past three years, direct a show last year and to now be in charge of the whole thing is really exciting. I am excited to see my own ideas come to life.”

The ‘Rewind the Clock’ theme will build off the unified spirit of the show, like this year’s theme did, according to Kritz.

“‘Land that We Love’ was a very cohesive theme and the only downside to that was the club directors sometimes thought that it was a little too specific,” Kritz said. “I think the 90s is going to keep that cohesiveness that ‘Land that We Love’ had, but it will be a little broader for the club directors.”

According to Kritz, his potential team should be well equipped and ready to help whenever conflicts arise.

“I have never been on the executive committee, but I did direct Chi’s show last year,” Kritz said. “I am going to try to take that experience and pair it with other members that have been on the executive committee and who have also been club directors to put all of our knowledge and experience together and solve problems that we have seen and work out some kinks. I think my team is going to be really good this year and we will be able to put on a good show.”

Student Events Coordinator Amanda Watson usually oversees the selection process. However, this year Parent Association Director Elizabeth McElroy and senior and SGA president Ben McCoy conducted the interview process.

“I want people to understand that Amanda, and anyone else involved in the process, wanted to be as transparent and ethical as possible,” McElroy said. “Amanda knew that there was a potential conflict because one of the candidates is a relative of hers, so she stepped out of the interview process so there would not be a conflict.”

McCoy and McElroy both said each candidate was a great potential for the position, and it was a difficult decision to choose just one.

“We had three really good interviewees and it was not an easy decision to make,” McCoy said. “Each one had their own specialty, whether it be a really good theme or overall communication skills. They all were very well equipped for the position.”

By the end of May, the complete executive committee will be chosen and all club directors –excluding next year’s freshman class – will have chosen their themes for Spring Sing 2017, set for March 3-5, 2017.

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