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Lambda Chi Zeta revival brings new women’s club to campus

Shining through Christ and serving as sisters—this is the motto which will guide the women of Lambda Chi Zeta, a former social club being revived for the fall 2020 semester.

Initially founded in 1998, Lambda disbanded in 2014. After six years, a group of six students has decided to initiate its revival.

Maislyn Weaver, a sophomore at Oklahoma Christian University and Lambda’s incoming president, spoke with the Talon about the process and mission of the club.

Weaver and sophomore McKenzie Jernigan first began thinking of founding a new club during rush season in fall 2019.

“We would go to all of these rush events and think, ‘All of these clubs are so incredible, but we don’t really feel like we fit anywhere,’” Weaver said. “During rush, [Jernigan] asked me many times, ‘Maislyn, what if we made our own club?’”

Weaver said Jernigan found other girls who would be interested in founding a new club. However, the group later decided to revive Lambda as opposed to creating a new club.

“[Jernigan] found the constitution for Lambda, and it was the same mascot, colors and motto we wanted,” Weaver said. “It even had the same verse, so we were like, ‘OK, this is a sign.’”

Ginger Caldwell, a sophomore at Oklahoma Christian, helped to develop Lambda’s revival and will serve as apparel director in the coming year. She said the group would like to mesh the ideas of both social and service activities into the club.

“We have a vision for a club that is centered around community, but also has a huge impact of service,” Caldwell said. “We want to be able to serve a lot of different organizations. We are also currently looking for one specific organization which we can be permanently affiliated with.”

Additionally, Weaver said the club plans to place emphasis on the spiritual impact of their sisterhood.

“I want to be really centered on Christ,” Weaver said. “I want us to have a good foundation based on God.”

According to Weaver, Lambda will be a place where all girls are welcome.

“We really want this to be a place for the girls who don’t have another place,” Weaver said. “I’m hoping through our activities, devos and service projects, we are reaching out to those girls who might not fit in anywhere else.”

Carly Batchelder, Lambda’s president in 2009-2010, will serve as the club’s primary sponsor. She said alumni are looking forward to the revival.

“[Lambda alumni] have a Facebook Messenger going and we are all very excited,” Batchelder said. “We have been pulling together our old resources to give them, like our constitution and shirt designs.”

Batchelder said Lambda helps to foster long-lasting friendships.

“If you’re looking for a group of people you know you will always have in your life, even if you’re distant, Lambda is the type of club that gives that type of environment,” Batchelder said. “Even today, Lambda peers I may not have talked to for years, I feel like I can call them and talk to them. It’s a good place to extend your family.”

Caldwell said Lambda wants to establish a new community in addition to fostering the community which exists between the different clubs on campus.

“We want to promote unity between clubs because we love the clubs we came from,” Caldwell said. 

Caldwell said other students have been supportive of the new club and share the same desire for unity.

“A lot of us talked to us about how this is scary and way out of our comfort zones, but so many people have been really encouraging,” Caldwell said. “It’s been a blessing to us.”

Weaver said the ultimate goal for the club will be sharing a close bond between all members and hopes incoming sophomores will consider Lambda.

“I want there to be intimate friendships in the club,” Weaver said. “I want everyone to feel welcome as soon as they get into [Lambda].”

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