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New Spring Sing judging guidelines to take effect this year

At Oklahoma Christian University, many events and productions fill the school year with pride and excitement. However, few things are as highly anticipated as the student-led production known as “Spring Sing.”  Spring Sing is described by Amanda Watson, a staff member helping facilitate the program, as a variety show composed of social service club, freshmen and host numbers.

For many years, the show was run and judged the same way, so anyone who previously attended would know what to expect. The judges from previous years had too many things to pay attention to, which could cause judges to miss certain aspects of a performance, even giving ratings not deserved for certain categories, something Watson said was grounds for change.

“In the previous years, each judge judged all the criteria of all shows and didn’t focus on a specific thing in their expertise,” Watson said. “A committee was formed of students, SGA members, faculty and staff, along with myself, to come up with the new voting criteria.”

Part of this new voting system allows for a more accurate assessment of all aspects of the show, giving attention to all parts of the performance and highlighting the hard work the students put in to creating their pieces. Judges will have one thing to judge, working with the others to create an overall score based on every detail of the show. Watson believes this portion of the rule change would be most impactful.

“We will have one judge that is only judging vocals, one judging only choreography each night and a few other categories,” Watson said.

Sophomore Jasmine Spivy, a member of the club Gamma Rho, also believes the rules will be a good change for the show, one she has participated in for two years.

“I think it will make it a lot more fair, because someone is paying attention to every part of your show,” Spivy said. “Where one judge could miss a line or two, and they were really good, the judge in charge of that will allow you to get points you may have missed.”

According to Spivy, the new set of rules caught no one by surprise, as directors gave word to their respective clubs, notifying them as soon as possible. She said it should cause the level of intensity to rise, because they know everything has to be as precise as possible.

With the new rules being implemented for the first time this year, uncertainty looms over whether or not the changes will actually work. However, Watson said she is certain the rules will bring good to the show.

“I think this will only be a positive change for our show,” Watson said. “It will give judges more time to take in the show and really judge the specific category.”

Spivy said although she is not completely sure what the future of the rules will be, she has high hopes this set of rules sticks.

“I feel like there is only two ways you can judge something, and that is having someone go over every part of it themselves, or you split it up,” Spivy said. “I feel like if this does not work then they will go back to the old way of judging, but I really hope it does, because this seems like a better way of judging.”

Spring Sing will begin full production performances this evening and will continue through Saturday. For more information, students can contact Oklahoma Christian’s event management office or the Student Government Association.

The Talon did not receive responses from members of the Student Government Association or students in charge of Spring Sing, so any further details on the rule change is unknown.

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