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News Brief: Sept 19-23

An Overview:

Learn about: Possible Hurricane for the US, Russia Mobilizes Reservists for Ukraine Offensive, Dual Legal Blows Hammer Trump, and a Man Tried for Carving Out Woman’s Heart and Trying to Feed it to Family.


Russia Reaches for Reservists for Ukraine Offensive

After recent setbacks in his Ukraine offensive, Russian President Vladamir Putin announced the mobilization of 300,000 military reservists.

In total, Russia has about 25 million reservists from those who did compulsory military service: some people will be exempt, which will be announced “very soon.”

In the meantime, Russian citizens have given mixed responses.

Roughly 1,000 have been arrested for protesting the announcement, while about 10,000 have reportedly joined of their own accord without waiting for a summons, and still others of an unknown amount have left the country altogether.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky also responded, saying the choice proves Mr Putin wants to drown Ukraine in blood, including that of his own soldiers.

Putin also made veiled nuclear threats while accusing the West of “nuclear blackmail.”

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Dual Legal Blows Hammer Trump

Recently there have been two developments in the legal ongoings surrounding former President Donald Trump

On one hand, New York Attorney General Letitia James unveiled a 200-page civil lawsuit alleging the Trump family empire was built on years of grift and self-enrichment by deceiving lenders, insurers and tax authorities. James is seeking the redress of $250 million in what she claims is ill-gotten funds.

On the other hand, after judges overseeing the Mar-a-Lago documents case were cleared to look at some of them, they ruled the public had a strong interest in making sure Trump’s actions did not cause “exceptionally grave damage to the national security.”

The ex-president’s legal limelight continues to grow within these cases and the other ones still ongoing, including the Jan. 6 incident, the Georgia election, fraud and more.

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Possible Hurricane for the US

There is a strong likelihood for the US to be hit by a hurricane before next weekend.

Both American and European weather models predict an area of disorganized activity over the southeastern Caribbean Sea traveling to the Gulf of Mexico and combining to become the next tropical storm, which will be named Hermine.

“The fact nearly every computer model out there has developed this into a westward-moving hurricane is absolutely concerning,” CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said.

Where exactly it’s headed isn’t certain – forecasting this far in advance doesn’t have the most accurate track record and their predictions have been changing, some saying Florida, others saying Louisiana, to fast, slow, large or not quite as big.

The storm likely to develop is also likely to be an above-average hurricane, but where it will land is up for debate. If you live in a US Gulf state or in the Caribbean, watch the National Hurricane Center over the following week as predictions and advisories become more accurate.

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Man Tried for Carving out Woman’s Heart and Trying to Feed it to Family 

Feb. 2021 in Grady, OK – A man breaks into a woman’s home, kills her and carves out her heart before taking the organ over to his aunt and uncle’s house. There, he cooks it and tries to force them to eat it before attacking them and their visiting granddaughter.

These are the crimes Lawrence Anderson, 43, is accused of.

Andrea Blankenship (41-year-old single mother), Leon, Delsie and Kaeos (uncle, aunt, and granddaughter, respectively) were his victims.

Delsie, now blind in one eye and deaf on one side, was the only survivor.

“He just went crazy,” Delsie said. “He take my husband, then he take me.”

Delsie said she only survived because he thought she was already dead.

“God was with me,” Delsie said.

Anderson chose to waive his right to a formal hearing and will appear in court at 9 a.m. on Nov. 22 for the formal arraignment.

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