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News Briefs: Suspect missing, new MacBook, goodbye Vine

Headlines for the week of Oct. 21-28:

Oklahoma murder suspect still missing

Michael Vance, the main suspect for the murder of two relatives and wounding two police offers, is currently missing and could be “anywhere in the United Stat,according to Fox news. Sunday night, police responded to a call about gunshots in Wellston, OK. The shooting happened at Ronald and Valerie Kay Wilkon, Vance’s uncle and aunt’s, house. Both Wilkons were killed and two police officers were injured but are expecting to recover. One of the police officers reported shooting Vance twice during the altercation. According to the Associated Press, Vance appeared to have a hit list he was acting from, and this shooting was not his first. According to Fox, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Vance is believed to be driving a silver 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse with an Oklahoma license plate of 943LQQ. (FOX)

Apple unveils new MacBook

After recently releasing the ios10 and iPhone 7, Apple continued its chain of unveilings when they introduced the newest MacBook on Thursday. The new MacBook comes in both 13- and 15-inch screens, with operating systems weighing less than any computer released by Apple to date. According to CNN, this MacBook will run twice as fast as the previous model. The newest feature to the MacBook is the Touch Bar feature, similar to the home button on iPhone 6 and 7 models. The Touch Bar will allow users to use their fingerprint to login access to websites, purchases and other features Apple is soon to roll out. According to CNN, the basic models of the new MacBook are already released for purchase, but the computers with the Touch Bar will not be available for a few weeks. (CNN)

Twitter closes down Vine

While in a perpetual decline of sales, Twitter announced Thursday it will close down Vine, the video-logging app. Over the four years of six-second videos, Vine acquired more than 200 million monthly viewers. According to NPR, Vine users will still have access to the website in order to view and download their videos. However, no new videos will be made through the app. According to NPR, Twitter sent a letter explaining its first round of budget cuts to shareholders, so the news of cutting Vine was not surprising since Twitter has more than $100 million to make up from last quarter alone. (NPR)

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