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News Briefs: Trump talks immigration, Zika found in Miami, dangerous levels of ethanol found in OK gas

Headlines for the week of August 29- September 2:

Trump campaign sets straight immigration views

The Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spent his week teetering over his plans for how he would handle immigration if elected President. Upon invitation by President Enrique Pena Nieto, Trump traveled to Mexico to this past Wednesday to discuss Trump’s plans, specifically his plan to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. According to the Associated Press, the two did not see eye to eye and sparked a disagreement when reporting on the border wall payment discussion during their private meeting. Wednesday evening, Trump presented his plan for immigration holding to his previous statements, saying the United States needs a wall on the Mexican border with heavy law enforcement. In his speech, Trump introduced a 10-step plan, which he said he hopes will unite the country.  (USA Today)

Zika virus found in Miami mosquitos

 For the first time in the United States, mosquito samples tested positive for the Zika virus in Miami Beach. Doctors tested 98 mosquito samples, and while 95 of those samples tested negative, 3 were positive. The Zika virus first made its way to the United States in late July, when 47 people tested positive with the virus in their bloodstream. However, during that time there were no positive test samples of Zika being carried by mosquitos on United States soil. Since the discovery this week, a mosquito control team has been spraying for insects with the hope of keeping the virus from spreading farther. (ABC News)

Mistakenly high ethanol gas spreads through Oklahoma

This past week, gasoline containing three times the safe amount of ethanol spread to gas stations and supermarkets across Oklahoma. According to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Magellan Midstream Partners encountered an equipment malfunction that allowed gas with upwards of 20 percent ethanol to be distributed and sold to drivers in Oklahoma and Cleveland counties. According to the Associated Press, Magellan manufactured 449,000 gallons of tainted gas. Officials are suggesting anyone who purchased gas from Aug. 23 to the 29 to have their fuel drained, in order to prevent costly damage to their cars. High amounts of ethanol can cause fuel pump damage and problems to motors and engines. (OKC Fox)

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