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OC announces 2016-2017 tuition prices

Oklahoma Christian University is raising cost of attendance for the next school year while trying to remain affordable for students.

“Tuition, room and board costs will increase about 4.5 percent for next year,” Vice President for Admissions and Marketing Risa Forrester said. “When compared to all private and public institutions, this percentage increase is average to below average. OC’s average cost at $28,130 before scholarships and aid continues to be priced well below the nationwide average for private schools at $43,921.”

During spring break, Oklahoma Christian announced that the total cost of attendance is increasing to $28,130 per year.

“We like to get it out early so our families and students can know what the prices are going to be and prepare for them,” Executive Vice President Bill Goad said. “Given the value of an Oklahoma Christian education and how we have prioritized affordability over the last several years, we feel that it is a reasonable increase for this year.”

Students may focus harder on their studies because of the price tag, senior Trevor Richt said.

“A couple thousand dollars is no small deal for a college student who already has to budget their money wisely,” Richt said. “OC’s cost of education is in the middle for Christian education, there are other universities that cost more and some that cost less. If tuition is rising then I think it will make students take their education more seriously. Education is not free and if students are paying for it themselves, they will try harder to get the education they want.”

This is the third increase in Oklahoma Christian’s undergraduate costs since 2011.

“I think many things might come from the new pricing,” junior Emily Williams said. “We might lose prospective students but we might also benefit from the university to better our Christian education.”

Personal financial counselors in the financial services office are available to discuss ways to pay for next year’s cost of attendance.

“We understand that any cost increase may be difficult for some students’ families,” Forrester said. “Our student financial service team is prepared to assist students and parents with concerns.”

Oklahoma Christian will add a student activity fee of $35 per semester with the regular cost of attendance. Various programs have specific fees: fall semester freshman orientation, private music lessons, music accompanist charges, nursing clinical rotations and some lab courses.

“The price is hefty to begin with but adding more to the load obviously increases student stress,” Williams said. “Students that are already worrying about how to pay for tuition are going to have to come up with the money or transfer, which no one wants to do.”

Oklahoma Christian graduate program tuition will increase based on a student’s residency and area of study.

“I will be graduating next semester and this price increase does not have a huge effect on me as an undergraduate,” Richt said. “I will be applying to OC’s graduate school but the small price increase does not worry me that much.”

Oklahoma Christian is focusing on being the best it can on affordability, according to Forrester.

“While striving to keep OC affordable for our student families, the university hopes to continue to be the high quality ‘home’ featuring high quality programs that OC is known for,” Forrester said.

Williams said students see the value of an Oklahoma Christian education.

“I love Oklahoma Christian and all that it offers,” Williams said. “Although the price has been increased, I believe this is the best place to gain a Christian education.”

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