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OC Student Voting

Last week was election week, and talk among students here on the Oklahoma Christian University campus rose as many students gave some opinions about their reaction to the election. Some students felt their life would not change no matter who became president. Those who gladly gave an opinion did not hold back. They obviously used their fifteenth amendment rights to vote.

Along with so many people helping register students to vote like EaglePR, the Black Student Union, SGA, and the Student Athletes Advisory Committee held voter registration drives for students to come out and make a difference. Voting is so important in America today, especially as people are looking for change.

Students Marc Donahue, Erica James, and Shem’mario Stephen gave their opinions on the election of Joe Biden as the new president of the United States. 

“I’m glad that Biden won,” Donahue said. “It was long overdue and honestly glad we are headed for change in America seeing all the things that are going on 2020 has been very dark.” He was clearly excited for the election and voted for Biden to win. He also let it be known this was his first time being eligible to vote.

James was relieved when the results came in. 

“I am happy to see a female vice president in office,” James said. 

Although many are happy with the election, the Oklahoma Christian community and the country as a whole still has work to do. 

“I feel better that Trump is not in office anymore because what he was doing was not really working,” Stephens said. “I feel like we are in a better position as a country now that Biden is in office.”

The election was an impactful event for many students here on campus. Derrick Walter Jr. had an eye-opening opinion on the election. 

“I think the election went great, although it created tremendous stress for many college students seeing as most students are getting ready for finals,” Walter said. “But all in all it went great and I am glad we can move forward.” The election was a step hopefully closer to some light regarding the trying conditions of 2020.

The election here on campus seems to have opened many people’s eyes including many first-time voters. Many college students lean towards not voting because they do not see how it can affect them. This year that was not the case especially here on the Oklahoma Christian campus. It started early with many clubs on campus making sure people were registered to vote. Some would say it is a domino effect. Voting and having the right people in office can change things: whether those changes are for better or worse, we will see as a community together.

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