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Oklahoma Christian appears again on “Best Colleges” list

News & World Report recently recognized Oklahoma Christian University as one of the best colleges in the west, along with other honors.

According to U.S. News & World Report, Oklahoma Christian rose in the rankings and earned additional honors in the “Best Colleges 2017” guidebook. This is the 18th straight year the News & World Report awarded Oklahoma Christian.

Vice President of Admissions and Marketing Risa Forrester said receiving this ranking is an outstanding reward to the great things Oklahoma Christian has achieved.

“Rather than seeking to be ranked on this list, we seek to create an excellent academic experience for students and as a result we are honored by being consistently put on this list,” Forrester said. “We are very motivated by doing well for the students. Another part of this honor I am very excited about is the fact that for the second year in a row we are on the list of A+ schools for B students, meaning students that come to us with high school GPA’s that average in the B range, this university does a great job of working with these students and because of this these students do a good job of being successful here, by retaining and graduating, which is very exciting.”

Forrester said faculty and staff works together on the Oklahoma Christian campus to accomplish great things that lead up to being put on this list of high rankings.

“Our students always receive a lot of credit by the way they choose to attend here, are always excellent and by being academically prepared and hardworking,” Forrester said. “Faculty and staff across campus partner with students to help them achieve great things, they work with students inside and outside of the classroom daily and it definitely shows. It is extremely pleasing to have made it on this list every year for so long but this is not the goal, the goal is to be excellent and Christ centered and for our students to graduate and then acquire great jobs, being ranked on this list is just a huge bonus to the university.”

Forrester said that a main aspect that goes into the methodology of this ranking is the way Oklahoma Christian has grown and will hopefully continue to grow.

Student Government Association President Benjamin McCoy said he believes Oklahoma Christian is progressing in multiple areas.

“The students aren’t just impacting our community, but people are recognizing nationwide that we are making a difference,” McCoy said. “I believe OC is moving in a great direction and I can see them continuing to rise in their rankings if the students keep being pushed academically, socially and spiritually in positive ways.”

McCoy said the faculty surrounding the university’s campus has a huge impact on the students, in more ways than just education purposes.

“The faculty, staff and administration are pushing to better students as a whole with the way they educate and even take the time to build individual relationships with their students,” McCoy said. “They are always willing to meet one-on-one and just help their students out. The faculty is always helping to progress with education and how a college university should look, but still by keeping that personal connection with the students, which is so important.”

Associate Director of Admissions Jancy Scott said that the Admissions Office is always working to grow Oklahoma Christian to better the student body each school year.

“I hope increased numbers of students will look into an OC education and the Admissions Office is certainly working to facilitate that,” Scott said. “The ranking does lend legitimacy to OC’s excellence in a number of areas.”

For more information about Oklahoma Christian University’s ranking status is available online.

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