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Police chief suggests “Run-hide-fight” to stay safe on campus

In reaction to the most recent fatal shooting in Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma Christian University Campus Police provided a protocol for students in the event of an active shooter on campus.

According to Fox News U.S., Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby shot an unarmed black man, Terence Crutcher, and was convicted of manslaughter. Shelby turned herself in just a few days after the incident occurred.

With the shooting under two hours away, freshman Matthew Frappier said the possibilities of a shooter concerns him.

“I am a little bit worried about a shooter coming on to our campus after hearing what has happened in Tulsa recently,” Frappier said. “I can honestly say I would not know exactly what to do or how to react if I heard news of a shooter present.”

Frappier said he wants instructions for what to do if he becomes afraid during an active shooter situation.

Oklahoma Christian’s Chief of Campus Police Greg Giltner said there is a specific plan of action for students to execute in the event of a dangerous situation on campus.

“If an active shooting situation happens on campus we use the standard format implemented by the Department of Homeland Security called Run-Hide-Fight,” Giltner said. “We advise students to run at first priority if the shooter is in your vicinity. Students need to leave belongings behind, evacuate as quickly as possible, inform others that a shooter is present and immediately call 911 and campus police.”

Giltner said students need to hide if there is not an option to evacuate the area.

“If students can’t hide, they need to move quickly and quietly,” Giltner said. “Also, students should lock and blockade the door and silence all cell phones. Students should hide behind large objects and out of the shooter’s view which provides protection if shots were to be fired.”

Giltner said the last option students should consider is to fight.

“As a last resort, we advise students to act with physical aggression,” Giltner said. “At your best efforts, try to incapacitate the shooter and once you decide on an action, fully commit to it.”

Giltner said there are different types of action the law enforcement will take when they are called.

“Oklahoma Christian has an MOU — Memorandum of Understanding — with the Oklahoma City Police Dept,” Giltner said. “We also have access to Edmond Police Department and Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office. With that said, people need to know that law enforcement officers will respond to where the shooter or shooters are and their primary responsibility is to stop the threat. Law enforcement officers will not stop to render aid to anyone injured or talk with you.”

Giltner also said there are certain precautions law enforcement officers would take in the event of a shooting situation.

“Once the area is secure, law enforcement officers will assist with getting First-Aid to all persons injured,” Giltner said. “Law enforcement officers may be wearing a typical police uniform, or a BDU (Military Style) uniform, and some may even be in civilian clothes with a badge and firearm in plain sight.”

Gary Jones, multicultural and service learning coordinator, said he is confident in the system and believes students should be as well.

“While I understand that an ‘active shooter alert’ can be a difficult time for us all,” Jones said, “I would encourage all of our students to be confident in our process and the thought and intent behind it.”

Jones said he feels the administration has safety at the center of the student experience on campus.

“Having sat in on meetings and discussions on that process and it’s attention to detail, I know that our administration is doing everything in it’s power to put the safety of our students at the forefront of these processes and policies,” Jones said.

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