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President deSteiguer attends SGA meeting, gives encouragement

President John deSteiguer offered every Oklahoma Christian University student Peanut M&Ms from his office at the weekly Student Government Association meeting last night, Sept. 26.

“My instructions were to share what I do at this place,” deSteiguer said. “I’m a big fan of Peanut M&Ms, and I always have a jar in my office on the glass table. So if you’re around the building, and you need some Peanut M&Ms, come by.”

Going to share support and encouragement to various on-campus student leaders, deSteiguer provided words of advice especially useful for active leaders.

“Sometimes, I have preconceptions about people I see,” deSteiguer said. “We all have a story and we all have battles we face. But the way God made us, when we are vulnerable with each other, the closer we become to each other. I love the fact that you guys are in leadership roles here at OC, because you can really make a difference in the lives of a lot of folks.”
According to deSteiguer, he was asked to share with the SGA members what his job looks like on a day-to-day basis.

“The thing I do the most is interacting with other people,” deSteiguer said. “From students, to faculty and staff, to alumni, to the board of trustees, to prospective students that I want to come to school here, because I think this is the greatest university. My job, as a leader, is to interact with folks.”

deSteiguer said something he values on campus is the variety of opinions and perspectives from those around him.

“What I find here, whatever issue is out there, if you talk to three different people, chances are you’re going to find three different opinions about that issue,” deSteiguer said. “That’s also really important as leader to know what you believe and what you stand for, but you’ve to always be able to see things from other perspectives.”

At the end of his speech, deSteiguer opened up the floor for questions and answered the question, “What’s the hardest decision you’ve had to make at OC?”

“Anytime you’re involved in a termination of an employment relationship, that is really really hard,” deSteiguer said. “Even if there are good reasons to do it. That individual might deserve to not be here anymore, that individual has family and there are people around that individual that are also impacted by those decisions.”

After concluding answering questions from the SGA members, the official meeting began.

Seniors Tori Garrett and Laura Twagiraygezu presented a request for funding for a PRSSA conference in Boston, MA occurring next week.

The conference will hold lectures, networking opportunities and sessions. Three guys and three girls will be attending from Oklahoma Christian. All SGA members voted and then granted the proposal, agreeing to provide the rest of PRSSA’s necessary funds.

Following deSteiguer’s speech to the SGA committee members, leaders of the various committees spoke about what the committees are currently working on around campus.

Justin McLeckie, head of the academic committee, said the goal of his committee is to find and analyze academic concerns among the student body. Chaise Lucero, head of activities committee, said the goal of her committee is to show up to events and have fun.

Taylor Dodson, head of the appropriations committee, said the goal of her committee is to fund as many student organizations as possible. They have already funded Eagles Heath Initiative, SAE Baja team and are currently working with two other organizations.

Molly Peterson, head of the campus improvement committee, said the goals of her committee are to put up porta potties for the soccer, field repair cracks on the tennis courts, install a water bottle refiller in the intramural gym, install a microware, firepit and make improvements to the campus sidewalks and volleyball courts.

Darion Dalton, head of the campus spirit committee, said the goal for his committee is to build a community, which loves Oklahoma Christian, on campus.

Tyler Clark and Taylor Dodson, on the constitutional rules and revisions committee, said they plan to review the SGA constitution and bylaws. Emily Rowland, head of the elections/operations committee, said the goals of her committee are to help other committees accomplish their goals by providing manpower and make students feel welcome in the SGA office.

SGA meets every Wednesday at 9 p.m. in Harvey Business Center, room 119. Meetings are open to the public.

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