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SGA proposes amendments, discusses opportunities for change

Following up from the events of the Oct. 5 meeting, the SGA approved a revised funding request Oct. 11 from the children’s ministry students, who previously requested 75 percent of their total costs. The children’s ministry students reduced their request to 65 percent, which totaled $2,302.

Along with the request, SGA Treasurer Taylor Dotson announced the increase of the “other bodies” budget — used to help fund student projects and events — by $1,000, which will allow the SGA to accept additional funding requests.

The SGA also met to discuss changes in the SGA constitution and address concerns expressed by members of the senate.

SGA President Tyler Clark began by listing all proposed amendments to the constitution, which included requirements for qualifying for a position on the executive committee and other senate position.

“Article five, section one for SGA talks about qualifications for members of SGA,” Clark said. “For candidates for executive office, we have changed [the GPA requirements] from a 2.3 to a 2.5 cumulative grade point average when the executive officer elections are held. Executive officers must also carry at least 12 credit hours per semester during their time as candidates. We have also changed it to where all executive officers must have at least one semester of experience in the SGA before running for office.”

The SGA will vote on the amendments Oct. 25 and will deliver the proposed amendments to the Oklahoma Christian student body along with the homecoming court nominations. Amendments must be approved by a 2/3 vote to be passed. If passed, amendments will be implemented the following semester.

Clark opened the floor to the senate for “talk time,” where senators could voice concerns about the current functions and practices of the SGA. Senior Darion Dalton said the SGA could shorten meetings by cutting back in some areas.

“This has been one of my biggest frustrations with SGA this year,” Dalton said. “I feel like we waste a whole lot of time in meeting. There are a lot of things that we could cut from the meeting to make it more efficient. I think we could do a lot better as a senate and I think we could be a lot more effective with our time.”

Members of the senate gave suggestions on how to cut back on time during meetings, including removing the section called “brag time,” which gives members of the senate the opportunity to compliment a fellow senator on their work. Dalton suggested the removal of the devotional from meetings, which stirred up debate among senators.

“Attitude is everything,” SGA Chaplain Jack Smith said. “The attitude you present changes the perspective and what people see in you, and it changes the way you see yourself. The way I see it, to bring that positivity is through the word of God, and I’m going to continue doing that, because it’s important.”

Dalton also said he sensed a division between the members of the executive committee.

“If our executives aren’t united, then we aren’t a united body,” Dalton said. “And if we’re not a united body, then we can’t do anything. We come here for the good of the student body. SGA is not a power-struggle. It’s not who’s in charge. We are all people who want to work for the good of our class and the student body as a whole.”

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