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Skydiving without the risks

A new Oklahoma City business gives residents the opportunity to experience life on a different level.

The Oklahoma City iFLY opened Feb. 12 as part of new entertainment offerings at Chisholm Creek.

“I would definitely do it,” Oklahoma Christian University freshman Darian Guin said. “It’s intimidating, and a lot of people wouldn’t do it, but I think indoor skydiving could give people the opportunity to get a feel for it and not necessarily jump out of a plane.”

iFLY uses a unique vertical wind tunnel system to offer participants the skydiving experience without dangerous risks.

To indoor skydive with iFLY, participants must go through specific procedures to ensure their safety, including flight training. Once the participants have learned proper body positioning for flying, hand signals and have received a helmet, flight suit and goggles, they are led to the flight chamber and begin the indoor skydiving experience.

“It’s the experience without so much of the danger,” Oklahoma Christian Bible professor Mel Latorre said. “The real skydiving – I mean, if something goes wrong, there’s a lot of seriousness to it.”

After completing a flight, participants are given a personalized flight certificate, as well as the opportunity to purchase pictures and videos of themselves during their flight experience.

Freshman Gian McLaughlin said he wants to indoor skydive to gain experience.

“I plan on going to iFLY to get experience,” McLaughlin said. “In the future I plan on going real skydiving.”

The entire iFLY experience lasts approximately an hour and a half, and each flight is the equivalent of one and a half skydives.

Latorre said he enjoys the idea of indoor skydiving because it is in human nature to want to experience flight.

“I think it is a fascinating experience,” Latorre said. “I think humanity has always had this thing about wanting to fly, and I think history bears that.”

Personal trainers for iFLY designed opportunities to train to be a body flight athlete by progressing in flying skills, meeting other participants and competing in freestyle and formation flying competitions.

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