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Student health organization to host community conference

Six students on Oklahoma Christian University’s campus saw a lack of mental, physical and spiritual health awareness in their community and decided to start the Eagles Health Initiative (EHI) in 2015.

One year later, the organization is now made up of roughly 65 members, and is hosting a conference dedicated to expanding the conversation on physical, mental and spiritual health.

“Community” will be held on the campus of Oklahoma Christian on Oct. 28th and 29th and will feature a variety of speakers presenting ideas on multiple topics.

EHI Advisor Dr. Jeff McCormack said this conference is useful for multiple reasons.

“The goal of this conference is not only to bring these three pillars of health together, but also to provide a platform for students and experts within our nation and local community to speak on these areas of health,” McCormack said.

EHI President Jackson Higginbottom said his goal for this upcoming conference is to confront and brainstorm ways to control these health issues.

“Eagles Health Initiative is a student organization with the mission of bringing health awareness and service to OC and our OKC community,” Higginbottom said. “We focus on mental, physical, and spiritual health. We have about 65 members from many different fields of study who have an interest in any of these areas of health.”

Higginbottom said he and his staff worked to bring in qualified speakers to speak on these issues.

“’Community’ is where we plan to expand the conversation on mental, physical and spiritual health on our campus,” Higginbottom said. “We are bringing in leaders within our community to speak about their passions and how we can improve the health of our city.”

According to Higginbottom, speakers include President of Mental Health at Integris Hospital Dr. Murali Krishna, Associate Dean of OU Medical School Dr. Lynn Mitchell and News Editor of the Oklahoma Kelly Fry, among other professionals in the Oklahoma City area.

EHI Administrative Assistant Whitney Hall said faith plays a big role in these health issues.

“Our organization believes we are called by our Christian faith to educate and serve our community in the areas of health and wellness,” Hall said. “We do this through events like informational talks, service opportunities and our upcoming conference, ‘Community.’ EHI is open to all students at Oklahoma Christian, not just those who are in a science-related field of study.”

Hall said students who attend will receive a wide variety of knowledge on topics such as community medicine, environmental health and health on college campuses from a number of credible sources.

“We have invited several OC faculty members to present on their current research or experiences within these areas of health. Health professionals and missionaries from the local community have also been invited to speak, allowing students to learn about different perspectives in the area of whole-body health wellness,” Hall said.

Hall said the conference will be open to the local community, including high school students, medical professionals and those who are interested in public health.

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