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Bison, Eagles battle in defensive game

The Eagles baseball team fell 3-2 to Oklahoma Baptist University despite an attempted comeback in the fifth inning.

“It was such a low-scoring game because defenses were good for both team,” catcher Lane Paul said. “They just had one more run than we did.”

Senior Brennan Walker pitched his first loss of the season, allowing OBU to score three runs before the Eagles recorded their first.

In the first inning, the Bison’s Brandon Cuddy singled up the right side of the field and sent teammate Dustyn Cook home to score the game’s first run. Three innings later Cuddy scored, followed by Ryan Joyce, to set the lead 3-0.

Eagle Zac Cobble knocked a single to center field to let Ben McKenzie and Jared Sterling start a comeback but the scoring settled into a lull for the remaining four innings.

Paul said while the team’s defense performed well, the offense is “coming around” to help push the Eagles above the competition.

“We were focused and we’re going together, which is doing our part to help each other get better and help the team win,” Paul said. “And under our leadership we will get there.”

Oklahoma Christian University will take on Northwest Missouri State University in a three-game series on Feb. 19-21.

Statistics provided by the Oklahoma Christian University Sports Information office.

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