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Eagle of the Week: Oct. 20-27

Junior Alex Motes is Eagle of the Week following a sixth-place win out of a 74-man field at the Arkansas State Bubba Barnett Intercollegiate. Motes had 13 birdies throughout the three-day tournament, which was the second highest out of all competing players.

Motes sat down to answer some questions about himself and the tournament.

 What major are you?

A criminal justice major.

 What do you think about during tournaments?

Trying to play the ball and not the tournament. I can only control what I can do.

What do you contribute your level of play to recently?

I really started to hit the ball well the week before, which was what I felt I had been missing earlier in the year. It all kind of clicked, and I knew it would be a good week.

How did you feel going into a Division I tournament?

This was my third D1 event in college. We played two at my old school, Midland College, so I saw it as another event with a little better talent, but that just gave me a drive to play up to their level.

 How do you warm-up for a tournament?

I warmed up for the event the same as any other one. I hit 20 to 30 shots to loosen up, about 20 putts, and cracked some jokes with the guys. I really try to keep it pretty far from serious.

 What’s your favorite pre-tournament song?

Pre-tournament music changes week to week, but I’m pretty sure I was on some 2000s pop that week. Old Chris Brown, Kesha, Usher. Really trying to find something catchy since it will probably be stuck in my head all day.

 What is your favorite post-tournament food?

Post-tournament food depends on the week, but we usually try and get a steak or something good following a win so it is always good to get those meals.


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