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Intramural All-Sports Update

As the dust settles on the Oklahoma Christian University intramural softball season, the battle for the title of All-Sports Champion remains fierce as the clubs enter kick-off flag football season.

“All-Sports is determined by each game and sport being worth a certain amount of points,” director of intramurals Rick Judd said. “The winners are announced in chapel at the end of the last intramural sport.”

Clubs competed in softball and tennis over the past two months, which accumulated points, and the year continued with flag football starting last night.

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The men of Chi Lambda Phi and the women of Theta Theta Theta claimed the softball championship titles. For tennis, the Freshman women won first. The men are still playing out the tennis tournament.

On the women’s side, be on the look-out for Gamma Rho as they look to win their tenth All-Sports title; however, with their loss to Theta in softball, they currently sit in second place.

The men of Chi Lambda Phi hope to build on their two-year win streak.

The complete intramural flag-football schedule can be found here.

Below are the current All-Sport standings:

Female All-Sport Standings:

  1.  Theta Theta Theta—139 points
  2. Gamma Rho—104 points
  3. Freshman Women—97 points
  4. Iota Kappa Phi—49 points

Male All-Sport Standings:

  1.  Chi Lambda Phi—140 points
  2. Kappa Sigma Tau—90 points
  3. Freshman Men—70 points
  4. Delta Gamma Sigma—30 points





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