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Intramural All-Sports Update

With the purpose of providing a “good break” and “a fun way to interact with other students and faculty,” Oklahoma Christian University intramural athletics kicks off the 2019 spring semester with basketball on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

Rick Judd, the director of intramural athletics, said he works to uphold the mission of Oklahoma Christian intramurals and provide an enjoyable time for all students, even those who do not enjoy sports.

“The mission of Oklahoma Christian intramurals is to provide students, faculty and staff with opportunities to participate in athletic events that will enhance their physical, mental, social and spiritual experience at Oklahoma Christian,” Judd said.

While competing in various sports, Oklahoma Christian’s five female social service clubs, five male clubs, upperclassmen and freshmen men and women compete against each other for the title of All-Sports Champions, awarded to one female club and one male club. The of All-Sports is awarded at the end of each school year.

“All-Sports is determined by each game and sport being worth a certain amount of points,” Judd said. “The winners are announced in chapel at the end of the last intramural sport.”

In the fall, teams competed in softball, flag football, cross-country, pool, tennis, pingpong and volleyball for points. At the conclusion of volleyball, the current standings for All-Sports were released.

Below are the current point standings at the beginning of the spring semester.

Male All-Sports Standings:

  1. Chi Lambda Phi— 639 points
  2. Kappa Sigma Tau— 414 points
  3. Delta Gamma Sigma— 404 points
  4. Freshman Men— 152 points
  5. Psi Epsilon— 130 points
  6. Upperclassmen— 117 points
  7. Alpha Gamma Omega— 6 points

Female All-Sports Standings:

  1. Gamma Rho— 626 point
  2. Iota Kappa Phi— 382 points
  3. Theta Theta Theta— 298 points
  4. Freshman Women— 132 points
  5. Phi Omega Nu— 22 points
  6. Upperclassmen— 20 points

This semester’s sports will include basketball, swimming, pingpong, pool, soccer and a free-throw contest. The free-throw contest kicks off the intramural basketball season next Monday, Jan. 14.

The full basketball schedule can be found here.

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