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Intramural Basketball Season Ends: All-Sports Update

Tuesday night marked the final night of the 2020 intramural basketball season. On the court with the varsity scoreboard lit up with the club’s names, men’s and women’s club battled for third place titles, championship titles and all-sports points.

In the women’s third place game, Theta Theta Theta came out victorious over the women of Iota Kappa Phi. For the men, the third place title went to the Freshmen over Kappa Sigma Tau.

At 9 p.m., the battle for the A Team championship kicked off for the women with Gamma Rho battling the Freshmen women.

The score was close in the first half, with each team trading baskets down the stretch. Freshman Chandler Jones came up with a few steals to help the Freshmen take the lead at the end of the first. However, senior Bailey Neece hit some big shots, and senior Sydney King hit a big three to keep Gamma in the fight in the first half.

However, after the half-time break the Freshmen came out on fire. Freshman Ellery Martin handled the ball, splashing some big shots. The Freshmen’s lockdown defense and ability to score down the stretch and maintain length possessions helped give them a notable lead.

The Freshmen beat Gamma Rho 41-22. The win is meaningful for the Freshmen, who are currently in a tight race with Gamma for the All-Sports title. Gamma is trying to fight for their All-Sports streak, which will be 10 years in a row if they win this year. The Freshmen trail them by just 31 points.

At 10 p.m., the crowd hyped up for the championship game between Chi Lambda Phi and Delta Gamma Sigma. Delta was looking to protect their A Team basketball title from last year. The entire night the scoreboard flashed on both sides, with each team trading baskets and the lead.

The crowd got hyped. The players got hyped. Senior Nathaniel Garner served an important role for Chi throughout the game, pulling great shots and playing well defensively. On Delta’s side, junior Zabdiel Lopez utilized his speed to blow past people and junior Asa Kingsley worked in the paint for putback points and rebounds.

After a back-and-forth game, Chi had the last word and came out victorious to reclaim the basketball title, winning 53-51. The win gave Chi an even greater lead in All-Sports. Without jinxing them, they should have no problem cruising through soccer for another All-Sports Title.

On the other hand, the Freshman girls need to battle in the small sports—doubles Ping Pong and pool—and the last big sport of soccer to grab points in hopes of defeating Gamma Rho. Flip it, and Gamma needs to do the same thing if they want to defend their title and claim the 10-year streak.

The All-Sports champion will be announced at the end of the spring semester.

Below are the current All-Sports standings:

Female All-Sports Standings:

  1. Gamma Rho—733 points
  2. Freshman Women—702 points
  3. Theta Theta Theta—457 points
  4. Iota Kappa Phi—242 points
  5. Phi Omega Nu—46 points

Male All-Sports Standings:

  1. Chi Lambda Phi—872 points
  2. Delta Gamma Sigma—578 points
  3. Kappa Sigma Tau—562 points
  4. Freshman Men—396 points
  5. Psi Epsilon—41 points
  6. Alpha Gamma Omega—13 points
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