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Oklahoma Christian outfielder Blake Empkey looks to continue his productive career


Junior outfielder Blake Empkey, from Bedford, Texas, has done nothing but produce for the Oklahoma Christian University Eagles in his first two years.

Empkey earned the honor of Conference Freshman of the Year for the Lonestar Conference. He hit .337 in 48 games and followed up with a promising start to the 2020 season before the wrath of the coronavirus came down. 

Empkey spoke about the cancellation of the 2020 season.

“It was tough,” Empkey said. “I felt like the whole team, not just me, was about to get rolling.”

In the team’s first series, Empkey came out of the gate hot yet again as one of the more productive hitters in an explosive line up.

“I was pumped to get started after last year along with the entire team, probably a little too amped up,” Empkey said. “But I’m glad I was able to do my job and that’s what I look to do all season.” 

Empkey has put up numbers consistently so far in his college career, but he looks to step up in leadership now as a junior and veteran on the team. 

“When I was a freshman we had strong and good leadership. That’s what I look to do as I spend more time in the program,” Empkey said. “I understand that I am becoming one of the older guys on the team, so I need to act like it.”

Empkey’s production at the plate along with his strong defensive presence in the outfield signal a bright future.

“Playing after college is definitely a goal and something I strive for,” Empkey said. But winning right now, this season, is what’s on my mind currently.”

Empkey and the Eagles look to their next series this weekend, February 26 and 27 against Texas A&M International

“We are a bit disappointed in our first games so we’re looking at this series to really prove what we can do,” Empkey said. “We are a talented team and have a chance to be really good. We are ready to prove ourselves to the conference.”

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