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 Meet the male hosts for Spring Sing 2018

In addition to social service club performances, Spring Sing also includes musical performances by various students who serve as hosts for the show. Bigger than ever, there are 10 hosts this year to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Spring Sing.

Collyn Lee. Photo by Hayley Bentley.

Collyn Lee, International Business Management Major

A senior from Longview, Texas, Lee grew up with an instrument in one hand and a microphone in the other.

“I started doing things with music when I was five, just doing things in church. When I turned seven, I started playing the double bass. I started getting into choral music around the age of 10 or 11. From then, it’s just kind of expanded.”

Previously participating in Spring Sing as an audience member, then on stage with the men of Kappa Sigma Tau, Lee said he appreciates the fun Spring Sing brings to campus.

“Spring Sing to me is just pure fellowship—a  time when you can get together with people and just have fun and be as silly as you want to. You can’t sing and dance in a business meeting, you can’t sing and dance in your professor’s lecture, but once your practice time hits, you can act as goofy as you want and get awarded for it.”

Lee currently serves as the Music Director for New Reign, helps organize and lead View 63 and is a worship minister at Oakcrest Church of Christ.

Kai Jorgensen. Photo by Hayley Bentley.

Kai Jorgenson, Music Education Major

 Jorgensen credits Summer Singers to bringing him to Oklahoma Christian.

“Summer Singers is one of the biggest reasons I came to OC. I’d seen them since I was in third grade. Starting in high school, I realized it was something I could actually do. It was super cool to play in Summer Singers at the camp where I had seen them at for so many years. That’s one of the best experiences I’ve had while here.”

After participating and then directing a show as a member of Psi Epsilon, Jorgensen said he felt the next progression for him was auditioning for host.

“I’ve taken part of a show and directed a show. I had nowhere else to go but up to host. I’ve seen a lot of hosts when I was in high school and it always looked like a cool thing to do. I didn’t realize the extent to how much I would miss [participating in Spring Sing with Psi] until I went back to a couple of practices.”

Jorgensen will graduate in April and said the biggest piece of wisdom he wants to impart to the underclassmen is the importance of maintaining individuality.

“Find something you’re good at and stick to it. Make the best of your experience, whatever that means to you. If that means meeting everyone, go for it. If it means taking care of your homework and getting good grades, go for it. Or if it’s playing video games until three in the morning, that’s what you need to do.”

Preston Prock. Photo by Hayley Bentley.

Preston Prock, Vocal Music Education Major

As a freshman, Prock is new to Spring Sing and the energy it brings to campus. However, when he visited last year during Spring Visit, Spring Sing became a large factor in choosing to come to Oklahoma Christian.

“Spring Sing was one of those things where I thought, ‘Wow. I would really like to be a part of this,’ and it pushed me to really consider OC as a future school. Being a host as a freshman is really exciting, but also nerve wracking because I know how much it means to everyone.”

Prock said he’s been involved with numerous musical performances so far this school year but is still exploring what other opportunities are available on campus.

“I was one of the leads in the musical this year, performed in cabaret and am in choir. As a freshman, not knowing what I was doing, it was kind of overwhelming at first, but it’s been worth it because it’s been a lot of fun.”

Many students will be getting their first impression of Oklahoma Christian during Spring Sing, and Prock said he hopes they see the community that surrounds those on campus.

“One thing I want prospective students to realize there are a whole lot of people involved in Spring Sing, and because of that, everyone is so close. That’s one thing I noticed about OC, is we are very family oriented.”

Jonah Strand. Photo by Hayley Bentley.

Jonah Strand, Psychology Major

Using a talent unknown to many of his peers, Strand is stepping out of his comfort zone to try something new as a host this year.

“Something I’ve heard many times is, ‘I didn’t know you could play piano.’ I heard about host auditions and had always wanted to try something like this so I decided to go for it. I love singing.”

In his junior year, Strand is a member of social service club Kappa Sigma Tau. Strand will be spending the summer in Ireland as a part of Center of Global Missions.

Strand said he would emphasize the importance of being open-minded to the next generation of Eagles who will see Spring Sing for the first time as a part of Spring Visit.

“Be open. Meet the professors. Ask questions. Even if you think it’s a dumb question. Ask it. Also, invest in the people you meet during the visit. Above all that, have a lot of fun.”

Morgan Walkup. Photo by Hayley Bentley.

Morgan Walkup, Electrical Engineering Major

From Weatherford, OK, Spring Sing is what brought Walkup to the Oklahoma Christian campus for the first time.

“Spring Sing is insanely fun, over-the-top and absolutely one-of-a-kind. It’s a fantastic show that brings campus together.”

Walkup transferred to Oklahoma Christian his sophomore year with his wife, then-girlfriend, and said regardless of age, building relationships can be tricky but is a crucial aspect to time in college.

“College is better when you have friends and people you care about, so do what you can to find those. The best way I made friends was by finding or setting up weekly events that we could count on to see each other. Sometimes it was a weekly bible study, Wednesday night church or just getting a group together to eat at Subway once a week.”

A fan of Zac Efron, Walkup will be channeling his choir and musical theatre experience from high school when he performs on stage during Spring Sing.

“I have a life-size painting of Zac Efron hanging in my apartment. I painted it. I think I’ll have it forever.”

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