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Posts tagged as “alumni”

Alumnus adds third short story to list of published works

“An upperclassman gave me the advice of using the project as an excuse to do something I had always wanted to do,” Swanson said. “I had the novel, ‘The Ten,’ written as a first draft, so I decided to give it another revision, read through it a few more times and just started shipping it out. A lot of ‘no’s’ later, I got the one ‘yes’ I needed and now here I am.”

“For athletes, by athletes;” alumnus runs professional fitness facility in OKC

“Our strength coach was kind of the founding father of strength and conditioning at the college level, and I just started learning a lot from him and bought into what he was doing,” Ka’aiohelo said. “So, when I saw how it changed my opportunities, I began thinking that I wanted to share some of that stuff when I was done playing ball. I knew that it worked for me—it was not something I read in a book—I actually got to live that experience and it motivated me to get out and learn more.”