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Alumni Spotlight: Morgan Boling takes new athletics position

Oklahoma Christian University alumna Morgan Boling graduated in 2020 with a double major in Sports Management and Journalism. She was offered a position as Sports Information Director at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. 

Boling said she met her supervisor at a softball game, who later called and encouraged her to apply for the position.

“Sports has the unique ability to unite people from all walks of life, and I am so blessed to be able to work in that community every day,” Boling said. “My job is all about telling the stories and triumphs of our athletes. Being an avenue through which I can allow others to shine is the greatest job in the world.”

As the former sports editor for the Talon, Boling’s position combines her passions for sports and journalism. 

“My supervisor and I like to joke that a Sports Information Director’s job description should be ‘duties as assigned,’ which really means I do a lot of various tasks,” Boling said. “My experience I gained while working at OC really helped prepare me to step into this role and make an immediate impact.”

Assistant Professor for Business and Sports Management, Wes McKinzie, taught Boling in the first sports management class in 2018. 

“I could tell she was a rock star student right away. She was really engaged in class discussions and did excellent work,” McKinzie said. “It was probably just a few weeks into that semester when I asked her if she wanted to become a sports management major.”

Athletics Senior Women’s Administrator, Teresa DeBoard, said Boling impressed her before she met her on the soccer field. 

“She was participating in a chapel that I was going to and when she spoke up a few times I was super impressed,” DeBoard said. “How she spoke and what she had to say, her confidence.”

Boling said learning how to make connections was one of the most important skills she learned at Oklahoma Christian. 

“From professors to coaches to staff members I encountered at OC – they led with love, which instilled in me the importance of forming positive relationships in all areas of life,” Boling said. 

DeBoard said Boling is a natural leader, and she is excited to see how Boling applies  her skills to the career world. 

“First and foremost, she brings a female perspective into athletics, which is always in the minority,” DeBoard siad. “She is strong in her convictions but always willing to learn and have an open mind.”  

McKinzie said he enjoys keeping up with Boling’s sports activities at TWU. 

“What’s probably most exciting to me is seeing her have the opportunity to use a lot of her talents and not be pigeonholed into doing just one or two things,” McKinzie said. “That not only helps TWU, but sets up Morgan to move in a lot of different directions as her career grows.”

Boling gave advice to current students at Oklahoma Chrisitian. 

“Never stop pursuing opportunities, and the timing of everything is not in your hands,” Boling said. “Never limit yourself. Be the first to jump at new opportunities wherever you are now. You don’t always have to restrict yourself to only one type of job.”

Boling said it is important to combine service and passion in order to be successful.  

“I think a lot of times people in the career world frame selflessness as a weakness,” Boling said. “When in reality, I have found that when you operate with a serving heart while making sure you are not running yourself ragged, then success often flows from that.” 

Boling is also obtaining her masters from Oklahoma Christian in Business Administration in Marketing while working at TWU.

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