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Greece Study Abroad in Photos

All photos by Brandon Zepf.

The first glimpse of Greece.
A wet welcome to Athens.
Train tracks.
The group I stuck with waiting for the train into Athens.
The Porto Rafti waterfront.
The amphitheater of Athens’ Acropolis.
The whole of our study abroad group viewing the Parthenon (building) atop the Acropolis (hill and historic site containing multiple buildings/temples).
Located in Athens’ National Archaeological Museum, this vase depicts the battle over the body of Patroclus, Achilles’ cousin.
A simple sunrise at the waterfront in Porto Rafti as a small boat passes by.
Some of us hiked the hill across from our hotel in Porto Rafti. This was the view of the far side
This was the view of Porto Rafti.
Tucked away into rolling hills, Delphi was gorgeous.
Meteora, a monastery, was foggy when we visited, but still stunning.
An inner courtyard in one of the monasteries.
The waterfront in Thessaloniki, where my group spent our free travel days,
Located in Thessaloniki’s National Archaeological Museum, this vase was perhaps the most heavily decorated piece of craftsmanship I saw anywhere.
Our visit to Sounion to see a sunset also marked the end of our trip.
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