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Keaton Ross is headed to the NBA All-Star Game

Oklahoma Christian University’s very own Keaton Ross, known to some as the Talon’s editor-in-chief, will embark on trip of a lifetime this upcoming weekend. Ross won an NBA contest, and the prize for winning is a trip for two to the 2020 NBA All-Star Game in Chicago. Ross and his brother will fly out to Chicago this evening to cash in Ross’s prize.

Ross sat down to answer a few questions before he heads off to the game.

How did you win the contest?

“It’s called NBA Pick’Em, and you pick who is going to win a certain game and who will get the most rebounds between two players, things like that. I started playing in the playoffs last year, and apparently I picked it right, but they did not let me know until November. It sounded like from the person I spoke to on the phone a couple people did not respond, and I was next in line, which is wild.”

 What does the prize entail?

 “A four-day, three-night trip. I’ll get tickets to All-Star Saturday Night, so slam-dunk contest, three-point contest and the All-Star Game Sunday night. They’re paying for my flights and hotel, and I don’t think I’m getting a per diem, but if I do that’d be a pleasant surprise.”

What are you most excited for?

 “I think just being in that atmosphere is going to be really fun. Just the celebration of basketball, and you know all the attention of the nation is on one city and you are a part of that.”

 Outside of the game, are you looking to do anything in Chicago?

 “I definitely want to go to Millennium Park and Navy Pier. I have to get some Chicago deep dish pizza. I’m sure me and my brother will do that.”

If you could meet anyone there who are you going up to?

 “Probably Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. It is just kind of wild he is younger than I am scoring 20 points a game. I feel like he would be a good guy to meet and cut it up with.”

What team are you cheering for?

“Team LeBron.”

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