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Q&A with Nash Scott, future SGA president

Oklahoma Christian University junior Nash Scoot is running unopposed to become the Student Government Association (SGA) president for the upcoming school year.

Scott has worked with the SGA since his freshman year, spending the majority of his time working with the Campus Improvements Committee. Through this role, Scott led the committee in bringing Bird scooters to campus and installing blinds in the Brew.

The Talon sat down with Scott to talk about the SGA. While he does not yet have concrete plans for the upcoming school year, he said he is excited to take on this new role.

Why do you want to be the SGA president?

I want to be SGA president because I love Oklahoma Christian. Freshman year, I started discovering that I really loved Oklahoma Christian. I finally got that feeling that this is where I need to be. I got the joy of helping people. Doing things for other people is what I enjoy, and I want to be able to do that. The president is just the best way I can make sure SGA is a well-oiled machine so that I can help the whole student body.

I want to see SGA grow into more than just here on campus. I want to see us at every activity possible. If I can see execs and officers and senators at athletic events, at choir events, band events and Black Student Union events, at literally any event that’s possible, I want to see that. I want to see SGA being legit for students.

How did you initially become involved with the SGA?

I ran freshman year off the bat and then lost. Then the next semester I talked with Tyler Clark, and he said I should do a committee and he asked what I was passionate about. He gave me a few choices, and the two committees I narrowed it down to were Multicultural and Campus Improvements. They needed more help in Campus Improvements so I got into that. Then I fell in love with doing it because it’s so fun to see something not there and then something there. Seeing small things putting a smile on someone’s face, that’s the point. It makes it so much more enjoyable.

Why do you believe students should get involved with SGA?

If you like Oklahoma Christian, you should give back. If you don’t like it, I can understand you not wanting to give back. That’s fair. But if you enjoy this place and you want to see people grow and change, participate in it, because SGA has the ability to change things If they want to. It is not SGA as one single entity. It is a student government, so the students own SGA and that’s the purpose of it. Just like any good government is, it is owned by the people that established it. It’s yours. I would say if you love Oklahoma Christian, if you are passionate about anything, you can do SGA.

You have mentioned multiple times that you love Oklahoma Christian. Why do love this university? Why are you passionate about this place? 

My mom and dad did not care how well I did in school or how bad I did in school. They really just wanted me to go to the University of Oklahoma. I grew up in the Churches of Christ, but Oklahoma Christian was never on my mind. I might have heard of it once or twice, but then all of a sudden Oklahoma Christian just kind of popped up out of nowhere.

So what I did was I walked around the campus, and I just felt content and I felt more at peace than I thought I would on campus. It was just really chill and I was like, “I’ve got to go here.” Of course no campus is perfect, we can literally see that in the news right now. But I saw these small nuggets of goodness and people striving to be better for each other. OU is not that, OSU is not that, Ivy League schools are not like that. If a campus can change a student to actually seek people, then I want to be a part of that.

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